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So when looking through my pages at all of this forex trading jibber jabber, to me it's a works in progress for preparing and writing a useful traders blog which could be used as a trading tip. I'll try to get my thoughts down here and explain my trading journey with some forex pathway tips and a story of how I got here with the Forexmospherians. I know everyone who has posted so far, you are my friends from around the world going back more than 10 years and so I do hope you will understand my feelings towards you. I send a sincere and a big thank you for your continued support and insights into the forex markets forexmospherians. To explain some more, I've been at this market for a few years now and to tell you the truth, its been a hard road to tow.

I won't say this is rags to riches story, actually this is some hard  %^(^ing  work involved. Now some people asked me questions like how did I learn to trade and what got me started, how much capital is needed etc. but in short, I started trading because of the circumstances of my age and general health conditions. I came to a stage in my life where I could not work in my chosen trades and crafts. As far as forex trading went and to begin with, I did not even know how to execute a trade when I first started. So getting in with the right kind of fx trading fellas helped me beyond all my expectations. I also did really well just trying to give my money away to a forex broker after opening a trading account. I tried really hard to stay afloat, especially after searching the web and reading all I could stand on forex markets, then out of the blue, something changed. By pure luck maybe and after exhaustive research, I just happened to fall into a chat room at a secret forex site where there were a few good fellas. There were other traders there but what can I say about the rest, well maybe they were a bit less than undesirable.

To explain more, these other traders, as someone had to explain where in the most raw forms of traders, their communication and trading methods were rough, unhelpful and unkind. Some occasions, I was told that I had no business even giving trading a go, why some of these traders called me names, even laughed at me I'm sure. I barely knew or understood the terminology, like what a candle bar or line chart was or the meaning of OHLC ~ etc. { who showed me how to set up charts} ? ...... On the flip side of this bad experience, a few of these good fellas had time to explain how to setup and execute trades on my platform, their advice, support, companionships over the next couple years and more still PRICELESS, so check out all these other pages at as they are the results of my learning curve.

I shall give an in depth explanation to the best of my ability of how this happened .....

First thing I had to get was a foreign exchange market broker with all the red tape of opening the trading account. The fx broker I chose was of a personal choice. I suggest a trader do quite a bit of research here with a background check if you please, I cannot make this choice for you!

Second thing was observing how others trade forex, deciding the who, what, why, where and when of forex trading. Also decide what the types of indicators, charting tools to use and find the method and strategy needed to fit a traders personal circumstances.

Ah ha, and still no mention of a demo account here? are we getting there yet and did the penny fall?  Well no rushing in I says.

So thirdly, after dumping the money, and feeding the pig I says to myself, I need to just find a tried and tested style, a true method that has withstood the tests of time, this why I stayed true to the method Andrews Median Lines or Pitchforks, examples can be found by just looking around my pages, you will also find many links on this,{ MATCHING OF A METHOD TO BETTER SUIT MY PERSONALITY} I am of the belief that ALL things in life modulate / VIBRATE at specific cycles / frequencies

So finally, the method in use for me and of itself meets my own belief system which also meets with my personality traits, so there you have it.

I find great comfort in this and view: Price = Energy ...... and so the price is the result of energy, so stay focused, we need volatility to profit from these forex markets.   

When a traders ever reaches a time where they say they keep on losing, then I will reply and say keep on trying but learn and grow, never give up, open up a demo account. Try taking your fx demo account and keep it in the black, I say again and again STOP trading LIVE if you are losing, go to your demo account and blow that thing up with your current strategy, try as hard as you can not to lose it but if you do, then build it back up to your starting balance. Only if you can handle a demo account should you consider trading and even then, theres still some learning to be mastered.  Try to trade live only when you are competent and not before. Thats all from me on this post but I shall post more forex charts here and at Forexmospherians on how I trade using median lines.

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  • E/U gap to the lowers and held off my lower parallel 

    E/N  same same both in get in where you best fit in ///

  • Dear Splithand,

    Great charts, great blog, a sincere friend and decent fellow, one of the good guys in life and very well traded, thank you for sharing. 

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissa

  • thank for saying Sir Gissachance I have had some most wonderful teachers ;-))   six year lows ? what is  everyone talking here lets just see  hmm looks like its tested the water maybe time to ?  looks what up to me          uhm you guys use discretion maybe she fails me fickle tart she can be I will take her for a lil spin


    •   looking pretty shakey but Splits got rules man blows the lowers off the 4 hour stops close to getting hit 

  • win some lose some closed with a few pips i just got tired of it ....

  • Excellent post Splithand and following Aussie/USD sells very closely, nice Forks too.


  • The natural progression of a ForeXmospherian looks a bit this we remove all the other CLUTTER / B.S. from our charting and add a bit of another see if you recognize who's methodology strats or systems are at work here . Many Thanks to you all , every ForexMospherian brings a lil something to the tables
    Enjoy the weeks end fellas I'm out of here ///

  • nice, what do you mean by wash?

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