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Dead Cat Bounce in Forex Markets (Thats it)

Dead Cat Bounce.

A popular Forex trading term appropriate to many Financial instruments. This well known phrase is said to originate from Wall Street within the financial markets. The "dead cat bounce" means a brief and small recovery in the price action of a declining FX market. The basic idea is that even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height. Also applied to Foreign Exchange  Markets where the currency pair encounters a brief resurgence during or following a severe decline. 
A good Forex strategy to counter the Dead Cat Bounce is MTFA.
Multiple Time Frame Analysis will form a rounded view of the market opposed to having a tunnel vision outlook at a stock or currency pair.
Forexmospherian Forex Trader Sir Gissachance charts display multiple instances of Dead Cat Bounce. The Multiple Time Frame Analysis strategy is also explained throughout this FX Forum. DCB are also known at Forexmosphere and described by  Sir Gissachance as DC or Deep Continues.
Dead Cat Bounce or DC's play an important part in FX Technical Analysis and can be called a Chart Pattern for Technical Analysis.
Sir Gissachance description of a DC is far stronger than the term Dead Cat Bounce because Deep Continues are shown to exist in Bull or Bear Markets. This gives rise to opportunities in all FX Market conditions. Whereas DCB is a technical analysis term used exclusively for bear market price action conditions.


Multiple Time Frame Analysis (MTFA) Forex Trading Strategy

Shorted currency pair AUDUSD @0.7622

S/L @B/E

M1 AUDUSD LH and Support circa @0.7585

M30 AUDUSD Support @0.7540

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  • Great Foreign Change blog and thank You for sharing this valuable FX knowledge Holmes.

    Also a great call to trade ;o) It is just a pity that I can't be awake 24/5 to check your posts guys and trade FX with them all hehe.

    This made my day btw :D "The basic idea is that even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height"

  • 3086726?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    These are great Foreign Exchange Trading tips Holmes and thanks for the mention. Excellent FX analysis and on the money trade AUDUSD and Live call, to the pip! Wonderful and really helpful to Forex traders, whether scalper, Intraday and longer Term Traders. Not many will know this but Holmes is an FX specialist and expert trader. Looking forwards to more posts from another seasoned Forexmospherian Trader.

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissa


  • Thanks Sir Gissachance but I can only credit you with teaching me an extraordinary FX Trading style complete with Forex Videos, charts and the Forexmospherian Currency Kraken market alerts. Thanks for everything and the continued support you offer everyone here. As far as AUDUSD currency pair Trade goes, I am following your live charts and am 98 pips short. The Amazing Sir Gissachance, Forexmospherians and the Data. It is quite clear the Forexmospherians are Easily the best Forex Traders on the internet for decades now. Holmes

  • Hi Daniel Stasziek, you are welcome and Sir Gissachance Forex educational material has allowed me to intraday trade and analyse live charts in this way. Takes time and patience as well as finding a reliable time proven, consistent, Forex educator like Sir G and some great daily Trading buddies which we have right here. Holmes

  • All makes perfect sense once you guys start writing and posting charts identifying price action and structure. Thanks for this Holmes and all.

  • Awesome Holmes

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