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Genxtrader commented on Genxtrader's blog post Technical Analysis | GOLD MONTHLY
"yes sir, and great to see you my old friend
Aug 10
Genxtrader commented on Genxtrader's blog post Technical Analysis | GOLD MONTHLY
"took a while,patience is the name of the game."
Aug 10
Genxtrader commented on Genxtrader's blog post Technical Analysis | GOLD MONTHLY
Aug 10
Genxtrader commented on Sir Gissachance's blog post Patrick - Major Magnum - Super Star Forex Trader and Dear Friend
"We cannot take our friends and family for granted for we know not the time of our calling.
I'm sorry to hear this,  too all my friends here I wish you all well ,and MM will be in our hearts for all time. "
Jan 7



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The Difference

I have recently been helping a friend with his market outlook and approach, i have only helped a small few as we all know there are many factors in this game, and when one learns that simplicity is the route to succes it becomes much easier.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRZctNUmfXcIpuAiWJUn2z_BnGt0QopfoZ06zm28odfQqMurZGTiw&width=400

When giving guidance in the form of answering good questions with really good answers i have come to realise, it still is difficult in the beginning stages for new people in the markets to grasp the difference between a security and the market, reading up on a company, currency pair, bond etc, etc, is what some people in the new stages think is imperative to succesful trading but they couldn't be more wrong in my opinion. I'm certanly not implying to ignore a securities fundies, however i can tell a lot more about what a security is doing by reading the chart as opposed to reading what the talking heads are saying.

It is very important to know whats coming around the bend for sure, you can get blind sided from a…

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1498496?profile=original1498549?profile=original1498569?profile=originalBitcoin has been a great trade and they are getting ready to start looking at regulation,i believe its here to stay and early positioning on the fullest pull back is what im looking for.

If you look at the wkly i like the 3 hills its forming which could yield a nice retracement  and a good time to renter,

a friend of mine has been riding it since 1680 so needless to say he is smiling,

even though i dont trade bitcoin im reconsidering.

Hello to all my friends, ……

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Technical Analysis | GOLD MONTHLY

1497508?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Chart 5-1-2016 Gold Monthly Time Frame. Gold is seen as an over all up Trend but more recently Gold sellers have taken control of the negative market sentiment, found on Dovish counter from the last top. Gold is now stalling the bear counter and finding more support, this is identified through the price action breaking through the Resistance of a sloping downwards Channel. Lets see if this latest move proves to be more aggressive over the coming weeks which would offer Bulls the long awaited confidence needed to boost them in the current market climate. Gold buyers should put this on the one on the watch list.

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