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I've been test riding the 2019 Triumph Speed Twin, its quick off the mark, pulls like a steam train through every gear, easy to handle and comfortable to ride. Exhaust note is loud and as a consequence, slow moving traffic hear you coming and pull o…
Jul 13
Sir Gissachance commented on Salieri's blog post My Trading Journal
"Thanks Salieri, I concur.
I will be looking for entries to long EURGBP and short GU, EU again today.
Sir Gissa "
Jul 9
Sir Gissachance commented on Sir Gissachance's blog post GBPUSD |Forex Mission Impossible The Stakes Get Higher
"An example of Technical Analysis utilizing Chart Patterns. I have highlighted what I see Live and translated the price structure in order to share. This reading was previously described for GBPUSD and in part at least forms the basis of a 0.2 Second…"
Jul 8
Sir Gissachance commented on Sir Gissachance's blog post GBPUSD |Forex Mission Impossible The Stakes Get Higher
"GBPUSD Incoming Kraken
Daily = Bear 
CBA = Negative
H1 = Bear
M15 = Bear
M5 = Bear
FPA 1 Min = Neg NTZ
FPA 5 Sec = Neg NTZ 
FPA 1 Sec = Pos
FPA 0.2 Sec = Pos (= Inverted Head and shoulders followed by confirmed Bull Flag).
Sir Gissa ..…"
Jul 8
Sir Gissachance commented on Sir Gissachance's blog post GBPUSD |Forex Mission Impossible The Stakes Get Higher
"The GBPUSD short package is still on that plane and so Short GBPUSD when I tell you! 
GBPUSD Incoming Kraken to follow shortly .............Sir Gissa .......... Out !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 8
Sir Gissachance commented on Salieri's blog post My Trading Journal
"Hi Salieri,
Current M15 UCAD is 123 Bottom = bull, followed by a bull flag breakout = continue bull.
Current M1 UCAD = Head and shoulders@ 1.3102 = resistance as the bears are in, however the bias is still bull so expect whipsaw and short term scalp…"
Jul 8
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Jul 7
Sir Gissachance commented on Viktor's blog post Doodle mini
"Hi Viktor,
Re: Gold Weekly
Thats a pretty good chart and has the weekly trend bias as a bear market while the actual and most recent price line says 123 Bottom = Bull  followed by a bull flag break = continue bull. To me that would suggest looking a…"
Jul 6
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Jul 6
Sir Gissachance commented on Adam Smith's blog post Making things simply in currency trading business
"Thanks for the post Adam Smith and food for thought for any trader. Knowing when to trade and when to stay out of the market is key. Plenty of other currency pairs and instruments to choose from if the trading conditions are not quite right."
May 24
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Music video by Van Morrison performing Days Like This. (C) 1995 Exile Productions, Ltd. under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment
May 24
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"Great movie, hilarious thanks for sharing Splithand"
May 24
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May 24
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Apr 13
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Apr 12
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Mar 24





Sir Gissa and Billy go to Lands End

689327253?profile=RESIZE_710xYep its the real Billy the Springador in that snap shot with the Atlantic Ocean behind him!

Land's End is mainland Britain's most south-westerly point and one of the country's most famous landmarks. From the 200 foot high granite cliffs that rise out of the Atlantic Ocean you can gaze across to the Longships Lighthouse, the Isles of Scilly twenty eight miles away and beyond that, North America. Which is a bit of a swim!

689384566?profile=RESIZE_710x"Billy the Kid, as solid as a rock"……

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Dear All,

I am writing this post today with a heavy heart. Sadly we have received some tragic news regarding Patrick - "Major Magnum". We have been told by one of MM's closest friends that Major Magnum passed, back in July 2018 after being diagnosed with a serious illness at the age of 49.

As we know, Major Magnum's real name was Patrick and he was a prolific blogger at T2W and just to name but a few websites. He was a brilliant Forex scalper and we were all lucky enough to call him our dear friend.

Sometimes, traders posts appear on the radar and they become our over night super stars within their own rights. Patrick AKA Major Magnum provided us all with on and off topic posts, brilliant trades and market analysis but moreover was a wonderful and dear forex friend. It's not uncommon for some traders to go quiet in the forums over time and their activity all but disappears. However, they can resurface years later and pick up were they…

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Google is shutting down G+ over the next few months as you are probably aware but there is some good news.
The good news is we already have our very own website which has been made by traders for traders and we open our doors to all gplus members. If you are already a member of this gplus forexmosphere group then you can consider yourself a Forexmospherian trader.

So why not head over to base camp now at and say hello to the other Forexmospherians there. Anyone else who is interested in keeping upto date with Forex then please join…

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Is there such a thing as insider trading and insider information?


Perhaps to begin with, we should examine what this means and then decide whether or not it is possible.

An insider is a person who can access an organisations non-public information.

This could be employees handling or accessing valuable data, ranging from the accountants, solicitors, directors, CEO’s and anyone else connected in some way.

This includes friends, acquaintances and even…

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Technical Analysis EURUSD GBPUSD AUDUSD | Now we are Free (but we always have been)

5 time frames are analysed for each pair and the bias is then posted. If the market bias is still being upheld despite a move against the bias, then it will still be regarded as bull or bear…

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Now Don't You Chase those Pips, No, Just Relax and Let The Pips Come to You - By Sir Gissachance

Well thats the title as above but will double up as the motto for this forex blog and trading strategy so below. So taking a walk through this trade and talking about the EURAUD long, with 147 pips on the table and holding the trade taken last night. Initially setting the trap by watching this pair recoil almost like a market snake…

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Bad Moon Rising

I see a bad Trade moon a-rising
I see Forex trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightnin'
I see bad Trading times of today

Don't go and Enter 'round tonight
It's bound to take your Stop Loss
There's a bad Trade moon on the rise

I hear hurricanes a-blowing
I know the Exit is coming soon…

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