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I have made 43p on penny stocks! Woohoo!! I hope I can get a few more pennies for whores and trinkets

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Loony random bint who loves hounds and wants to see what she can see

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Oct 10
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"what flavour is it?""well it's... seabird flavour, do you want some or not?"While an albatross used to be good luck before some idiot killed it, it is better known as a bad luck icon. It seems that my trading style has upgraded from magic 8 ball to…
Oct 10
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Oct 10
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Sep 1
Noticed a wee pattern in the buying of gold. The Eastern markets are fairly stable and standard to the predicted pattern. (I can leave a trade overnight without worrying it will go south (though I do always put a stop loss and a stop profit price).…
Time to sell gold
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So. A little homework never hurt anyone, just wish I had gotten around to looking last night. The Gold market is showing decline and a 700 pip drop sure woke me up today.I'm working on the chart that shows why I should have looked it up yesterday an…
Aug 15
It seems I joined the gold rush right on time, 600 pips in my favour. Looks like I owe someone a beer!
Now I've found all the parts of the software I needed, I'll sleep better knowing my stuff won't tank while I am snoring away
I'm 60 pips down on a trade I should have done more homework on. It's rebounding a bit so I'm holding on to reduce the loss as best I can before closing out for another currency.
Oanda is down for me. Jolly.
Is it just me, or does GBP pick up in the PM? Pips way down this AM then are bouncing back.
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Aug 2
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Aug 2
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Aug 2