1000 pips while I slept!

I have been out of the loop for a spell. Picked at the data for gold (that seems to be my kryptonite and yet still worth playing) today I am up 1k pips just because I decided to jump in both feet first.

Trust the data and your gut.

I'm also 160 pips ish up on gbp/usd just because I think trump is going to take his currency into the toilet with him. 

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"what flavour is it?""well it's... seabird flavour, do you want some or not?"While an albatross used to be good luck before some idiot killed it, it is better known as a bad luck icon. It seems that my trading style has upgraded from magic 8 ball to albatross! I have my own homework charts and review them before I dive in but it seems that I am predicting 24hrs ahead. Currently I am a few thousand pips down over the past couple of months since I started trading, so my advice is to slow the roll, keep checking the data and if you spot a pattern like my 24hrs, trust your gut that it is going to continue. I've stopped trading and am now watching the pattern to see if my predictions come true, hopefully albatross will soon be shamrock and I will make those pips back up over time.

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Tanks made of gold

So. A little homework never hurt anyone, just wish I had gotten around to looking last night. The Gold market is showing decline and a 700 pip drop sure woke me up today.I'm working on the chart that shows why I should have looked it up yesterday and why I'm going to hold for loss prevention until the end of the month. I'm looking at key dates in the next few months and my crystal ball (actually more a magic 8 ball So far) will hopefully yield fruit.Picture captures me looking at my shares after the 700 pip plunge!
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The very second I post... Seriously people I am just an albatross.
I don't want to be the albatross but I am seeing good rebound on the pound over US$, of course this may be because the shut-down hasn't been resolved yet. Tentatively I would be inclined to watch and snipe small wins while the going is good!