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May 20, 2017
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A new year. Changes afoot. It is heartening to see upon my return the forexmospherians maintaining evolving continuing to be a beacon and refuge for traders everywhere.
I really love the new configuration. The posts archived herein are worthy of stu…
Feb 6, 2017
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Feb 6, 2017
Jim M commented on Jim M's blog post All Night Long-the heretical dreams of a madman
"#gbpnzd #gbpaud 30 min drill EYES
ma's are your numbers G
Potential opportunity  albiet possible double bottom EA
Hope all are well
Happy thanksgiving
Nov 23, 2016
The website uploaded my post faster than it ever has
Jim M commented on Jim M's blog post All Night Long-the heretical dreams of a madman
"Heretical dreams #gbpaud #gbpnzd #euraud #eurnzd 
Honestly was dreaming of a little bigger pullback before much larger dreams lower.
However I will go with the river,
older dreams(fibs, eur pairs) on right new dreams inside left.
I Hope you are well…"
Oct 25, 2016
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30 min G with ga ea en showing similar
be well
Oct 25, 2016
Jim M commented on Jim M's blog post #euraud Men Going Their Own Way
"yeah calling that close enough lol ty sir G"
Oct 14, 2016
Jim M commented on Jim M's blog post #euraud Men Going Their Own Way
"ok well by the time I post this i will either hit my target or be taking profit as I close down for a bit.
I hope you are all well. Have a great weekend. Going mobile, lightly, for the rest of the day.
Been a great week.
Thanks Sir Gissachance and a…"
Oct 14, 2016
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"good morning G"
Oct 14, 2016
Jim M posted a blog post
Feels like the jpy pairs want to take a dump some for a short bit others further
Maybe when the gbpusd does? idk maybe unconnected  NY open?
could be a feeling or just too much caffeine
anyway take a look macro to micro or top down as Sir Gissach…
Oct 11, 2016
Jim M commented on Sir Gissachance's blog post GBPUSD |Forex Mission Impossible The Stakes Get Higher
"LOL   Just fighting the euphoria atm
Oct 7, 2016
Jim M commented on Jim M's blog post All Night Long-the heretical dreams of a madman
"#gbpnzd #gbpaud et al one more b4 i go mobile
TURN POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITY.... thats either direction however my view is lower
Expect a lil pullback NOW (possibly into the open would be great for retest of 6900 dont think that far)
similar ga if you n…"
Aug 12, 2016
Jim M commented on Jim M's blog post All Night Long-the heretical dreams of a madman
"#gbpnzd #gbpaud #euraud #eurnzd
Hundreds of pips in profit hope you were able to get some and saw my posts in time
pullback into red but then mad strong beat for nzd data retail sales
Japan back from holiday today
and cny data coming up  lol  perfec…"
Aug 12, 2016
Jim M commented on Jim M's blog post All Night Long-the heretical dreams of a madman
"#gbpnzd #eurnzd #nzdusd
talking head on the wires now (aud) after dust settles PLAY BALL
not much data overnight in mumbai get JPY cpi ppi type data then nothing really til London Open
more of the same 
8 rangebar charts and 8 min charts (with color…"
Aug 10, 2016
Jim M commented on Jim M's blog post All Night Long-the heretical dreams of a madman
"Site been messing up for me so waiting for that to clear
trading has been good
I have been everything but lost
heading well past original entries for golden arrow trades gbpnzd 4 hour  gbpusd 8 min as previously posted in this thread
major break eur…"
Aug 9, 2016


#cadjpy 8/6/2014

Starting this thread as it is part of my basket and I know some of us trade this pair and it is a great way to take advantage of Sir Gissachance and others  guidance on #usdcad First target met Eyes open  You know how things are when New York session gets close Recent posts this pair can be accessed there is also a link therein to the chart album be well stay nimble Regards Jim

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#gbpnzd #gbpaud  30 minute drill EYES these lines your numbers G TY

seems to be the only place I can post.

have a great thanksgiving

I hope all are well




#euraud Men Going Their Own Way

Eyes on

Could be good opportunity as well as eyeing the daily many times down to the bounce/break level seems easy to 1.44?

and then if break below the gold line extra bases? 

Even a bounce yet again from there a good time had by all

Roll down your window look both ways see what you see

oh btw kraken calling for extra bases this one see

stay nimble

Best regards


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#nzdusd followup post Rate decision

Mind the gap

I hope this finds you well.

I see scope for further gains to 1st fib ext target 7250 however If it makes it that far after or during CNY data I am mindful of the gap which resides at indicated retracement level of greater range. A dream would be rush to 7250 fall back and retracement after midnight when mumbai comes on and then continue to second target 161.8 once London comes about. Baah however be just as glad of filling the gap first and then continue

That is a lot of movement for nzdusd in one day much less one night and in Asia

Notes to self

Stay nimble

go with the river

roll stops often 

focus on keeping what has been gained


8 range bar charts and zoomed out…

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If you send out one sonar ping or drop a rock in a pond the first ripples are fast precise , edges clearly defined sharp in and out. As the ripples or waves expand they become wider slower less precise and mere reflections of the original price action. To explain how those edges that you so casually define, use, move on to the next , like chaff from your harvest are so helpful to me I must share something that may or may not be helpful to you.

As I realize waiting hours for 100 Forex pips is not really that appealing to Traders who glean that from the market in minutes working from the center of the ripples. In the asia seesion there are many markets the market sequence starting with…

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Advanced charts on oanda holy cow

I was putzin around my chart packages I have ninja trader fxcm and oanda a couple dif ones online   Oanda advanced charting new feature

OMG HAS FIB SPIRAL  besides gann box and square HAS FIB channel and tons more 

I know that you have oanda G but if anyone else does you need to look

on regular chart icon next to trendline pops up advanced charting window

I am so excited about this geo patterns too !!!time cycle!!! 100 icons...Oh well maybe not a big deal but

to me is especially compare function smooth easy

anyway take a look if you…

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"One Ping Only"

Sending out one ping only.

We are forex traders that actually trade. We have nothing to sell, charge no fees, seek no payment.

Once in awhile I send out a ping looking for others like us. I remember when I was lost, all I needed was a place to learn, grow.

Try this on for size trend and ultimate direction on 31 forex pairs multiple time frames, get well.

if you trade forex you want to see this post, you really do. It is gratis  Sir Gissachance sends his regards

If your one of us you will look further…

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All Night Long-the heretical dreams of a madman

gbpnzd gbpaud eurnzd euraud

aud headline risk talking heads notwithstanding

pardon the large post and order of the charts after all I am a madman

charts posted continuation from the following

Timely gbpusd call from Sir Gissachance


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#audchf !! Bless You

lol sorry giddy again (get it like a sneeze? oh well cant all be winners)

hey boutros has a good fork presentation this pair although i am locked in after the bounce at 7300 given recent events would really love a deep pull back suggested by Michael, 100% retrace on my rangebar chart, and then the runup as foretold by the Kraken this pair has grown handsomely after that post and a good throatclearing retracement would be good for the trade and clear the way for further climb in the days ahead

check the boutros vid link on my comment page and find the Kraken here

Nothing is certain but these things worth EYES on,... thought I would share, yea its what we do here in the…

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