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Bad Moon Rising

I see a bad Trade moon a-rising
I see Forex trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightnin'
I see bad Trading times of today

Don't go and Enter 'round tonight
It's bound to take your Stop Loss
There's a bad Trade moon on the rise

I hear hurricanes a-blowing
I know the Exit is coming soon
I fear rivers of Orders over flowing
I hear the voice of rage and ruin

Don't go and Enter 'round tonight
It's bound to take your Stop Loss
There's a bad Trade moon on the rise

I hope you got your Techs together
I hope you are quite prepared to die
Look's like we're in for nasty Whipsaw weather
One Scalpers eye is taken for a Scalpers eye

Oh don't go Enter 'round tonight
It's bound to take your Stop Loss
There's a bad Trade moon on the rise

There's a bad Trade moon on the rise.

Bad Moon Rising Trading Video click here.


Seek the Truth = Seek the Forexmospherian Currency Kraken

CHFHKD Forex Trading M15 - Technical Analysis and Forex Trade set up and Entry - 233 Pip Long and Hold

Amongst Several Currency Pairs Traded today we took this one from the back office and published the call not once but twice on and then shared over to our friends on other social media like Facebook, Google plus and Twitter. So hoping it came in useful. As a recap please see the below with current live chart and description.

Scalping Rising channel breakout plus retest of resistance which becomes support.
Entry trade on retest.
ISL in place and ISTSL in place with exit to ISSL.
Technical Analysis of the current status: Early Pattern Recognition is an unconfirmed Minor continue.

 Scalping Rising channel breakout plus retest of resistance which becomes support.

Technical Analysis of the current status: Long and holding 233 Pips. Early Pattern Recognition is a new rising channel confirmed to continue right up until it does not!

 Hope the post helps, Peace and Blessing

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance

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Forex Trade | GBPUSD 255 Pip Long

Technical Analysis for GBPUSD H3 Horizontal Resistance is breached (white Arrow) which later became Support.

GBPUSD H3 Bull Flag Break minor frames for entry and 255 Pip Long and Hold

GBPUSD Daily and Bulls are in as the market trends in a rising Channel

GBPUSD M5 Bears Sighted

GBPUSD M5 Long Entry on BP - Current Head and Shoulders sighted and Bears hold the Bulls at Resistance.

Prior to the head and shoulders, the market went bull and various narrow sideways channels were breached before reaching the current top.

There are plenty of different methods to find entry, trail and exit as well as multiple chart patterns, support and resistance, including how and where to draw the market battle lines. However, the above are my take and hope you find them useful. If you want to learn more or need a reading on this pair, in any time frame, including the CBA, then please let us know and any number of us will post live.

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance

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A New Forex Trader - "I'm Like a Dog Chasing Cars"
What would a dog do if it actually caught a car? Lets paws for thought for a few moments and then look into this a little deeper and gain some understanding into how this can perhaps be cured in a Forex Trader or avoided altogether. Forex Traders are naturally wired to chase moving objects like price action and attempt virtually every pip throughout the trading session. Mainly due to lack off knowledge, training, experience and patience which as we know, are absolutely necessary to trade the markets successfully. When a trader repeatedly pursues new strategies in an eagerness to apply and get in front of the Forex herd, to me at least they are like Dogs chasing cars and apply no or very limited reasoning. When an FX Trader does not have the appropriate competence to get on the money they will target anything on the horizon and whatever drops by into their orbit. When they do not have appropriate form, traders like dogs will target and start running down anything including other currency pairs and even other financial instruments. Chasing the markets will without a shadow of doubt, get a trader into trouble and have catastrophic consequences that affect the traders psyche, going on to building all sorts of bad habits but more over, will entirely blow up their account. 
Why do Young Hounds Chase Pips?
Traders much like Dogs evolved as endurance specialists. Wild canines, like wolves and coyotes, much like humans using speed to run down prey. This trait begins from the new trader and puppy stages because despite evolution they are still but one paw-step or banana away from their wild cousins and deeply implanted is the drive to fulfil this retained the instinct.
The urge to pursue moving objects is hard wired into the brain hard drive. This is a natural hunting behavior that is demonstrated whenever the young pup chases a ball, cat or squirrel up a tree. The novice trader attempting to scalp the bones out of the market has this same instinct. Trying to run down every pip in every direction. Through selective breeding or natural selection in people, we have evolved to a certain degree, redirected hunting instincts. For example some dog breeds retrieves the prey with a soft mouth while others bite down killing whatever gets in its jaws. Herding animals is another compelling instinct for other types of dog breeds which push cattle or sheep in one direction or another. In traders, there is a tendency to pick a favourite currency pair but with no parameter on what direction it should go and the best method to tackle it on a given day.
When the trader cannot find their natural trading style which enables them to pick off the pips in a suitable strategy, all their instinct over flows in to other areas and trading chaos occurs. However, pip chasing inappropriate and badly timed currencies like the Yen or Cad, can become a problem that may have unfortunate or even dire consequences. The traders account will also suffer from over trading and chasing losses, leading to margin call.
Natural Instincts
All hunters enjoy the chase and particular types are developed or suited for specific types of situations and conditions. When working, some are typically or prone to be more obsessive than others but that is not necessarily a bad attribute. It just needs to be recognised then nurtured that's all. 
In dogs for example, sighthounds much like Greyhounds and Whippets including terriers breeds are attracted to chasing and attacking small animals. These breeds pose a real danger to domesticated animals like small pets, cats, smaller dogs and even farm animals such as chickens and geese. Shepherd breeds are likely to chase much larger livestock, such as sheep cattle or horses as well as people jogging, cycling and cars in a misguided instinct to round them up. Instincts in people are by far more complex though, some have the ability to be really focused but for only short spells of time as they need change to keep them interested, versus others who like things set up in a certain way as they can follow, almost in an automated fashion. Needless to say either type will not fit the others working environment and will have to go a long way to find someone who can fit the both. However, the good news is it can be learned but only after recognising where strengths and weakness sit in the grand scheme of a person and traders personality.
Does it really matter when trading?
Maybe you are not overly concerned about chasing and taming the Yen because the market is ranging nicely today and the stop loss can take care of the wins and losses. However what if you up the stakes and markets whipsaw out of the yard of experience and eat away at any profits?
That trader chases inappropriately is liable to blow another account and have a psychological set back. Confidence in the strategy is gone, new account reloaded and the chased is on to recapture the previous losses. The chasing trader is also at risk from being dumped entirely out of the market and all expectations of winning in the markets are crushed by the other traders and animals in the markets. The broker is well within their rights to make the margin call when funds are unavailable. Slow and steady is what is needed here, so look to the major currency pairs to trade and build off that.
So How to Stop the Trader from Chasing?
To teach what not to chase, well to begin, a strategy must be learned with strict parameters, similar to training a puppy to walk on a leash, the pup must understand the rules to commands like "sit" and "stay", for a new traders the rules are "sit on hands". Then expose your strategy in a demo to staged situations that prompt chasing behaviour, such as scalping the Yen or CAD pairs.
Provided the strategy does not get drawn into whipsaw and takes nice steady small returns then it can be said you have a safety precautionary style which is not over done with competing for every pip out there.
Distract your trading day with taking regular breaks, watch some news, join a Forum and appreciate that you are not chasing pips nor looking for a new shiny strategy, perhaps better than the last one you had. If the urge arises to find something new then just tell yourself there are no Gurus except for the one in the mirror. Remember, the best traders just walk away from a potential trade if conditions for the trading plan are not met entirely. There will be another trade just around the corner and likely the very next day so practice not being enticed in.
In time, gradually increase your portfolio of currency pairs but stick to the majors for some time before expanding. Drill with your own setups and repeat over and over again until you manage to simply walk away when you see a non compliant trade coming your way. 
News and Data releases are notorious for enticing traders into chasing some pips but practise looking without the need to engage. That way the trader will begin to associate news data with lies and rumour with a careful minds eye to managing trades in a fruitful manner rather than a chaotic one. 
Maybe its impossible to totally eliminate the chasing behaviour for a new pip hunter but it definitely can be redirected. Prevention is always better than cure here and inappropriate chasing habits from the beginning need to be cured by practising strict sets of Forex rules. For example start by learning not every day is a good trading day. Reduce trading opportunities for mistakes with strict boundaries. Also remember when demo trading for fun with limited rules or even live trading small amounts, a trader should still gain the relevant levels of competence to keep out of the danger zones within the financial market arenas. 
Skill and knowledge go a long way to being a successful Forex trader but training plus experience deliver the competence to go further.
So the trader should set up some strict parameters and the practice will be in sticking to them.

In summary
The motto here could be, "Now don't you chase those pips, no, just relax... and let the pips come to you". -  Sir Gissachance

Why not join today to learn more about Forex Trading, after all, is "Where Traders and Friends Gather".

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Technical Analysis Forex Trade EURUSD 1,370 Pip Long

Using Forex Chart Patterns and other Forexmospherian Trading Techniques like JBCB, CBA and FPA

Technical Analysis M5 latest Entry Descending Triangle Breakout Trade below

M15 Entry 11th Jan 2018 Descending Triangle Breakout Trade

Current D1 Breaks Bull Flag with MC and the chance to Long again.

Entry as highlighted on charts denoted in blue triangle and holding the current position.

Previously on :

The following Live Market Analysis was posted in the backlink Forex Behind Enemy Lines here at and so please review the technical analysis there, along with some interesting Forex Forum Facts about where Forexmospherians used to trade. However, I thought these EURUSD charts and Forex techs should be posted in this new blog as this placement would make it easier to find and read. The analysis may also be of use to others wanting to see and hear about how trades like this are taken. Risk appetite plays an important part and whether to set a target or simply raise stops ultra slowly and let the market decide when we finish the trade. Quick trades are exactly that and we raise the stops quickly as in scalping. However, if a traders wants to see whether their analysis for something bigger in the market is correct then a different approach to exit is needed. Actually the entire strategy of long to mid term trading needs to be different than short term scalping and is a whole other Forex post.

So uploaded here on the 13th Jan 2018 are the charts when this EURUSD Trade was only 18 pips Long and the Analysis which followed.

Worth noting the actual FIRST trade entry was late evening on 15th May 2017:

 16th May 2017 EURUSD M1 entry long currently triggered, hold 18 pip with S/L now at B/E. 1.1000 seems to be the M.A.R.K. here as 3T forms off this BP.

M5 - INV lifts the bottom and breaks channel, Narrow Rising Channel Breaks as an MC, Bull flag forms with a Narrow sideways decline channel, breaks long for trigger entry. Using ISSL for initial stop loss now at B/E with 18 pips on the table.

Suggest checking M5 settings for BP here and so will look for the market to hold.

16th May 2017 EURUSD current Hold 97 pips Long and hope the alert and charts arrived in good T.I.M.E.

Current Forexmospherian Currency Kraken, as above, so below 

CBA = Pos

Daily = Bear NTZ

1 Hour = Bull

15 Min = Bull

5 Min = Bull

1 Min = Bull


CBA = Pos

5 Sec = Pos

1 Sec = Pos

0.02 Sec = Pos

17th May 2017 EURUSD current Hold 230 pips Long and took a second entry, hope the alert and charts arrived in good T.I.M.E.

Current Forexmospherian Currency Kraken, as above, so below 

CBA = Pos

Daily = Bear NTZ

1 Hour = Bull

15 Min = Bull

5 Min = Bull

1 Min = Bull


CBA = Pos

5 Sec = Pos NTZ

1 Sec = Neg

0.02 Sec = Neg

17th May 2017 EURUSD current Hold 256 pips Long and the second entry was an MC (Desc Tri) with ISSL at support and now to B/E

19th May 2017 EURUSD current Hold 211 pips Long and the second entry S/L activated at 35 pips profit.

23rd May 2017 EURUSD current Hold 198 pips Long CBA = POS and my only hope is the "Traders" at IRCForex would stop trading against Forexmospherians.  Dont put your blame on me. 

1st June 2017 EURUSD current Hold 260 pips Long.  CBA = POS  

7th July 2017 EURUSD current Hold 440 pips Long.  CBA = POS Last entry 5 second range trade. 

22nd July 2017 EURUSD current Hold 680 pips Long.  CBA = POS 

2nd August 2017 Current EURUSD is held at 870 pips long.

CBA = Positive.

3rd Dec 2017 EURUSD has been a scalp long for November and still managed to hold a 900 pip Long position. Bears are sighted at the Mark on this chart but the mid frames still have Bull. Needless to say, drop down several frames to get the state of play for scalps and swing entries and keep up the good work with the Forexmospherian Currency Kraken alerts.

4th Dec 2017 EURUSD Incoming Current 5 sec = 123T so lets see if Bears hold.

4th Dec 2017 Incoming ...... EURUSD Forexmospherian Currency Kraken CBA = Pos

4th Dec 2017 EUR-USD Long M1 and 5 Second posted in photos section

2nd Jan 2018 Incoming ...... EURUSD 1,069 pip long

Looks like the H/S never held for the Bears as this evolved into a Bull Flag.

Forexmospherian Currency Kraken CBA = Pos

4th Jan 2018 Incoming ............. Current M1 EURUSD Head and Shoulders at 1.2090 is where Bears hold at the mark

13th Jan 2018 As above so below and current EURUSD

D1 Breaks Bull Flag with MC and the chance to Long again.

Entry as highlighted on charts denoted in blue triangle and holding the current position.

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Forex Trade EURHKD 6,200 Pip Long

Technical Analysis of the Foreign Exchange Currency Pair EURHKD before going Long the market 6,200 pips.

Hopefully a few managed to wrap the 1200 pips from yesterdays alert Forex Trade EURHKD 5,000 Pip Long and got involved with this pair by at least scalping it old school.

To recap just in case this one was over looked and never made it through your Orbit out there in the Forexmosphere :

I was watching this pair in a rising wedge chart pattern with a Bear bias but the actual price was positive because Bulls had the bottom with support.

Forexmospherian Currency Kraken had CBA ( Crystal Ball Analysis up to and greater than 1 weeks notice) printed Positive back in March 2017 thus giving me advanced notice to prepare for the Long and scalp in that direction with a view to get a position.

The Bottom end pattern here is actually Bear Claws and needs to go in the note book for one to watch much later at that mark.

So the over all pattern a rising wedge or can be seen as 123B which breaks to confirm the bulls have the market. Incidentally, the break of main resistance also formed main top line of the rising wedge  too, therefore I began to enter long trades from there but no hold trades. Currently the Daily patterns for a Deep Continue to Long but is not confirmed. We also need the minor frames for entry and confirmation.

Forexmospherian Particle Accelerator (FPA) prints on demand so let me know if anyone wants a reading for the following time frames:

FPA CBA (Up to and greater than 1 hours notice), 5 Second FPA, 1 Second FPA, 0.05 Second FPA

Advanced Technical Analysis for EURHKD M15 = 123B + Channel Break + MC + Channel Break + MC = Long

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance

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Forex Trade EURHKD 5,000 Pip Long

Technical Analysis of the Foreign Exchange Currency Pair EURHKD before going Long the market 5,000 pips.

I was watching this pair in a rising wedge chart pattern with a Bear bias but the actual price was positive because Bulls had the bottom with support.

Forexmospherian Currency Kraken had CBA ( Crystal Ball Analysis up to and greater than 1 weeks notice) printed Positive back in March 2017 thus giving me advanced notice to prepare for the Long and scalp in that direction with a view to get a position.

The Bottom end pattern here is actually Bear Claws and needs to go in the note book for one to watch much later at that mark.

So the over all pattern a rising wedge or can be seen as 123B which breaks to confirm the bulls have the market. Incidentally, the break of main resistance also formed main top line of the rising wedge  too, therefore I began to enter long trades from there but no hold trades. Currently the Daily patterns for a Deep Continue to Long but is not confirmed. We also need the minor frames for entry and confirmation.

Forexmospherian Particle Accelerator (FPA) currently prints:

FPA CBA (Up to and greater than 1 hours notice) = Negative

5 Second FPA = Pos

1 Second FPA = Pos

0.05 Second FPA = Neg

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance

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Forex Trade EURNZD 190 Pip Short

How I Analysed Foreign Exchange Currency Pair EURNZD before shorting the market 190 pips.

I was watching this pair in a rising channel with a Bull bias but the actual price was negative as bears had the top.

Forexmospherian Currency Kraken had CBA ( Crystal Ball Analysis up to and greater than 1 weeks notice) printed Negative 2nd January 2018 thus giving me advanced notice to prepare for the short.

The top end pattern here is actually Bull horns and needs to go in the note book for one to watch much later at that mark.

So the next pattern is a Ascending Triangle which breaks to confirm the bears have the market. Incidentally, the break of ascending triangle formed main support of the rising channel too, therefore to me was a really great to place my entry there. Currently the H3 patterns for a minor continue to short but we need minor frames for entry and confirmation.

Forexmospherian Particle Accelerator (FPA) currently prints:

FPA CBA (Up to and greater than 1 hours notice) = Negative

5 Second FPA = Pos

1 Second FPA = Neg

0.05 Second FPA = Pos

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance


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Trading in a place called ForexLand

Trading in a place called ForexLand

The Rabbit hole of thinking and raising Trading awareness with Market savvy can be explained away in a wide range of intricate FX scenarios. Luckily though and just a short hop away are some interesting Forex facts along with a short punchy story to share. Which should not go beyond the scope of reasonable thinking for some FX folk. After all, other folk can and will make life and Foreign Exchange trading as technical and or as complicated as they like.

If you consider that trading in the most simplest of terms is the art of Buying and Selling. Then its not impossible to throw some absolute clarity on and shed light over what made the price rise or what made the price actually fall.

Again, and only in the simplest of terms, lend me your eyes and ears and let us uncover what is hidden in the pitch black darkness deep inside the Rabbit Hole; disguised in the rumour and lie, shared in news and data. Standby, lets reveal the mystery right now: The price went up because there were more buyers than sellers! and the price went down because there were more sellers than buyers!

The art of successful buying and selling or Trading has to be a learnt action and is not at all instinctive. Sadly, this is mainly due to the publicity of crowd noise.

Crowd noise comes about from 95% of all traders and experts who are actually losing, are incorrect or totally lost within the financial markets. Their noise ripples like a stone cast down on calm waters and travels through the whispering mouth and ears of space and time, across the internet, through advertising, promotions, books, word of mouth, as well as trading Forums and Forex Educational courses sent from Quack Leaders and the like. However, the FX losers are not necessarily all in the markets in the same time frame.

All successful Traders, the 5 percenters, know they have to go through their very own learning curve of which there are no short cuts. Fortunately, the good news is the curve leads to eventually attaining a natural cycle of being a consistently successful Trader.

Consistently successful Forex Trading is finding the profitable way forwards with a rhythm, using a time proven strategy and trading style which is never varied, flying in an identically pattern. Almost as if following the exact same arc and line at each junction or doorway. This must always be landed identically at virtually the exact same spot. Without this approach it would be impossible for anybody to navigate their capital in the markets, ending in funds being rolled like a dice with such a consistent navigational imperfection.

So, the following navigation can also be explained in the simplest of terms, referencing it as "A Place called ForexLand".

Imagine for a moment, a place called ForexLand. Where a trader has to hop from one place to another place by hitching a ride on a currency pair. The currency pair is the vehicle and so the trader jumps in and hitches a ride, for example, hoping to go South. If the vehicle is already headed South then the trader is going the right way. However, vehicles in Forex Land never travel in a straight line and rarely in one direction. In actual fact, all vehicles drive around Forex Land in a zig zag formation. If the vehicle stops or goes no where, the trader can simply get off. If the vehicle goes in the wrong direction altogether, then again the trader can get off and this time wait for another vehicle going in the correct direction. The correct direction is the way the trader wanted to travel in and was previously mapped out on their chart. This correct direction is also derived from the art of buying and selling which is further explained in the Greater Fool Theory in Trading Forex. That's all for now and hope it helps. 

Happy New Year Forex Traders and Fellow Forexmospherians and Wishing you all another prosperous Trading Year too.

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance (PPND)

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USDCAD | Daily Market Technical Analysis

Current UCAD Trade 838 Pips Short

USDCAD Basic Chart Patterns, Line Patterns, Support and Resistance, SMA and what they mean to the Technical Trader.

UCAD Daily Chart Patterns

Head and Shoulders sighted = Bear

Rising Channel Sighted = Non Trading Zone for Bears

Channel Break short = Bear Market

Current Pattern shaping for Deep Continue = Bear Market

May 2017 Price Line Analysis:

123 Top = Market Reversal = Bear Market

Minor Bear Flag break = Bear Market = Continue

Minor Continue breaks Support = Bear Market

Minor Continue = Bear Market

123 Bottom Sighted = Market Reversal = Bull

123 Top Sighted = Market Reversal = Bear Market

Deep Continue = Bear Market

Basic Technical Analysis using SMA 200 = Bear Market

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EURCZK Daily Forex Technical Analysis


The Basic Forex Technical Analysis:

Narrow Sideways Channel and entry strategy thinking along the lines that the market will eventually breakout.

Channel Breaks = Bear Market

Price Action held under 200 MA = Bear

Declining Channel Identified

Current Price Action at Horizontal Support.

NB and some Forex tips for the note book:

The Daily is the Driver. 

The Market Breaking out of the channel will have an anticipated target of the length of the original channel formed before breaking out.

50% Retracement Rule will tend apply to this strategy and pattern.

Mid time frame to correlate to the daily. M15 and below for entry/exit.

Follow the Trading Rules set out in the Trading and the Wisdom of the Crowd along with more information on Timeframes and Forex Market Analysis at

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Synchronicity in philosophy is regarded as experiencing two or more events that are causally unrelated but are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner. It was first described by Carl Jung in the 1920s. There are various definitions and interpretations of the theory and in places opposed or dismissed but as usual it is best to let the reader decide if and when the theory is applicable or not, naturally based upon their own experiences and lines of thought.

For me at least, Synchronicity does occur if a person was to learn to look for it and directly linking to Forex, the specifics and the importance of targeting this in Price action pattern trading for the Foreign Exchange Markets is a given, i.e A reversal followed by another reversal and a reversal followed by a continue will alter the directional flow.

The suggestion could also be; to not only find synchronicity in the analysis of Time Frames but to make sure this forms a major part of the Trading Methodology. Whether a trader is lacking in syncing time frames, has limited or even no Synchronicity at all, this will be detrimental to the trading account. For example, certain types of events or market movements like to cluster together at particular times but the problem lies within the individual's own timing and thinking.

Far too often, incorrect interpretation of Price Action in the markets and lack of experience in recognising patterns and when to trade or not trade. This fact actually passes unnoticed and can be dismissed but not at where it is recognised as a vital part of knowing how to Trade FX successfully. Any Traders finding themselves in the market at the wrong time know this results in mistakes and inappropriate trades causing losses. 

Good trading days will naturally follow when the Trading syncing and methodology will work but more over, will work better when the individual thoroughly understands and starts using synchronised Multiple Time frame analysis to map, trigger and manage the trade. Fair to say, when the trader has not learned to watch for these patterns or coincidences and make them meaningful in relationship to Trading set ups, these will be lost opportunities which will hamper a Traders progress until they are fully resolved.

Below is an example of Synchronicity in the current Forex Markets demonstrated by the currency pair GBPAUD and the current Bull Market conditions.

The Trader may decide the Daily GBPAUD has Patterned for a treble bottom but at the very least Horizontal support and resistance has been identified.


GBPAUD 3 Hour Synced to the Daily Chart could identify horizontal resistance along with rising support.

3 Hour Time Frame under the spotlight could be seen as 123B followed by Bull Flag with Horizontal Support breaking long in the direction of the 3B. Again, followed by an MC with a mind to find an entry in the synchronised move to long. Final patterns in the current conditions could be a rising channel break long and followed again by an MC suggesting hold the trade.

The 1 Hour Time Frame could be seen by the Trader as a rising support, with the Price Action Corkscrewing its way to continue the long. In the final stages of this chart, the idea of seeing an Inverted Head and shoulders @1.7100, followed again by a bull flag and an MC , giving rise to think of an entry Long. Needless to say, everything Synced to the Time Frames above.

GBPAUD synced M5 Time Frame could perhaps give rise to the Trading idea of identifying an Inverted H/S @ circa 1.7200 followed by a minor continue and entry Trade long.

GBPAUD 1 minute synced as above for some traders, so below; Inverted followed by MC also known as an Ascending Triangle break long with entry identified using the Synchronicity of the aforementioned Time Frames and Forex Market Technical Analysis.

Current GBPAUD Trade is hold and 228 Pips.

Forex Trading Video Published on Youtube 4 May 2013

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance

To find out more why not join "Where Traders and Friends Gather"

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EURUSD Forex Chart Patterns Long

Forex Technical Analysis with Chart Patterns, Support and Resistance, Multiple Time Frame Analysis.

EURUSD Daily and M15 Foreign Exchange Charts

EURUSD break long Daily Rising Wedge Pattern - Support 123b 1.0400, plus support 123b plus support 123b, soon after patterns for flat line = NSC in minor TF and breaks long again. Looking for scalp entry long in the minor frames and found through horizontal resistance on daily along with M15 entry pattern.

Current PA breaks the Daily wedge to indicate long.

The Flat line mentioned above was NSC in M15 TF, soon after re-patterns for Symm Triangle, Broke Long and entry. Current hold 57 pips long. Stop Loss @ISSL

Current Price Action in the Minor Frames: M1 = Bear, 5 Sec = Bear

M15 Symm Triangle Entry, as above so below.

M15 Symm Tri

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GBP-JPY Forex Chart Patterns Long

Forex Technical Analysis with Chart Patterns, Support and Resistance, Multiple Time Frame Analysis

GBPJPY break long 1 Hour Channel - Support INV, MC plus MC PLUS DC and support from 139.00 entry on the bounce. Soon After Pattern Ascending Triangle breaks Long again and considered as Long continue.

Patterned for potential Bull Horns at resistance, Support found off previous resistance for Ascending Triangle.

Breach Bull horns = Continue Long

Current hold 300 pips long.

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Forex | Its Time for the Mortals to Pay

EURCAD 240 pip short and EURUSD 290 Pip short

EURO it really was T.I.M.E. for the mortals to pay.

2017-03-31_09-24 Forexmospherian Chart Patterns

Forex Live Technical Analysis for this EURCAD currency pair:

M30 Timeframe and a Rising Market = Bull Market

123B = Support Identified = Bulls in the Market

Ascending Triangle Break = Continuation of Bull Market

Bull Flag Break in favour of the Bulls = Continuation

Bull Flag Break in favour of the Bulls = Continuation

Deep Continue = Bulls still in the Market

123T = Reversal Sighted = Bears in the Market

Median Break = Bears Continue and the entry here correlated from a minor timeframe


M5 Breaks with a minor 123T at resistance but soon found support with a 123B pattern, this reversal long ran into declining resistance and again held with another 123T which allowed another entry short.


EURUSD 290 Pip Short

EURUSD M60 = Short

The two trades = First short on a minor frame and had to let it breathe

The second was today as things were not improving for EURUSD and patterns remained down with no surprise spikes or retracement, so held the short again.

The latest Trade off resistance after EURUSD had patterned as a Symm Tri, this soon evolved into a NSC and shorted off resistance.




Best Regards,

Sir Gissa

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Forex | Tell Me Your Story

Come, Tell me your Forex Story. Join the Forex Foreign Exchange Market Forum and tell your Trading Story at

I would love to hear all about your trading journey, where do you come from, when did you first become interested in Currency Markets and Trading, how long have you traded, what currency pairs do you trade, what type of indicators do you use on your Forex charts, are you a Fundamental Trader or do you use Technical analysis, what FX strategies do you use and what is your Forex trading plan?

This Video Dedicated to Forexmospherians and all other good guys in Life.

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance

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Current GBPUSD 4,800 pip Short

You have found the Forexmospherians and so the Question is: "What are you going to do now?"

Videos, Blog posts, photos and alerts are all available throughout this Forex Forum and so feel free to check the history GBPUSD and how I traded this pair and shared the analysis and Alerts.

Seek The Truth - Seek The Kraken

71 Forex Pairs and the Analysis is freely available here for every Time Frame and Beyond.

The following is Live Forex Technical Analysis for GBPUSD - The Forexmospherian Currency Kraken:

CBA = Neg

JBCB as follows:

Daily = Bear

1 Hour = Bear

15 Min = Bear

5 Min = Bear NTZ

FPA as follows:

1 Min = Pos NTZ

5 Sec = Pos NTZ

1 Sec = Negative

1/20th Second = Negative, Negative, Negative.

The following videos highlight the Hidden Forex Market Secrets and Technical Analysis

Video Published on Jan 23, 2016

Video Published on Jul 5, 2016

Video Published on Oct 12, 2016

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Here's a Forex message in a bottle - I may have mentioned this before but thought it just could add some value to someone someday somewhere:

The question is would it be fair to Forex Brokers if we posted what the Forex Markets would do for 71 currency pairs in multiple time frames, thus giving everyone here time to prepare.
I say no, that's not fair on the Brokers at all! and we never ever do it! (everyday nor with up to or greater than one weeks notice as per Forexmospherian Currency Kraken, FPA and CBA. Nor do we make numerous videos giving 12 months notice of what the markets will do neither. Nor do we code any posts nor publish videos that contain hidden Forex market alerts and messages. Just to name but a few items not available here!

Have a great weekend everyone :0)

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EURUSD Overview and Observation of Forex Price Action in the current Market.

How to identify Live Forex Chart Patterns and Market Direction - Tip: Patterns Tend to be true.

Price Action Data Translation of the Line. The life cycle of this Currency Pair set out in stages as above so below:

M15 The following information is highlighted in the Chart above and in sequence:

Head and Shoulders identified = Resistance = Bears Sighted = Market Reversal = Bear Market

MC = Minor Continue = Continuation of the Bear Market

MC = Continuation of the Bear Market

Support = Bulls identified (Nota Bene; When Bulls or Bears are sighted against the current, this does not necessarily qualify as the Market bias. Validation is required for the bias).

3T = 123 Top = Resistance = Market Reversal = Bears Sighted = Bear Market

MC = Minor Continue of the Bear Market

SYM Tri = Symmetrical Triangle = Breaking in the direction of the bear market can also be known as an MC in this case.

MC = Minor Continue of the Bear Market

ASC Tri = Ascending Triangle = Breaking in the direction of the bear market can also be known as an MC in this case.


Overview of The FX Trading strategy = Multiple Time Frame Analysis:

M5 example - Smaller TF for Entry in direction of Mid Time Frame EPR as set out below (EPR = Early Pattern Recognition = Watch to see if a potential set up is building in Price Action).

M15 Example - Mid Frame on Watch List and the one to Track. (M15 in the example above)

M60 Example - Larger Frame supports the mid frame i.e. The observation = 123 Top = Rev Sighted plus MC plus MC plus DC (Deep Continue)





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Trading Forex | Everything is Consciousness

After considerable thought given to a previous post called "Everything is" which I wrote many years ago and shared at another Forex Trading Forum called Forexstreet, I decided to go into this a little more and hopefully it will be of use to others who missed out first time around or for those who needed further information. So, lets get into this with a Free thinking mindset which is at the heart of Foreign Exchange Trading. Reasonable to say so some effort needs to be made to observe the wider market picture, not just here but in all things in life and throughout the universe. Further market observations perhaps will register and hopefully a deeper understanding of Price Action and market dynamics can be attained. 

The very Basics in terms and Magical Three

Everything in the Universe fits into one of three Classical Categories;

1) Solid

2) Liquid

3) Gas

Everything in market dynamics has Three Classical States:

1)The market is going Up.

2)The Market is going Down.

3)The Market is going sideways.

Every Forex Trader falls into Three Classical categories :

1) The Smart FX Trader.

2) The Semi Smart FX Trader.

3) The Misinformed.

A Pattern inside a Pattern inside a Pattern.

Some science: With exchanged Reference points and applied variables.

Gas and liquid move quickly and easily from one place to another so lets very quickly and only for a moment substitute those elements into market movements along with Solid Matter.

Daily or 4hr Tf's, with market Bull or market Bear conditions with momentum. Two questions now spring to mind for these Time Frames:

1) Easy to spot Bull/Bear momentum in these Time frames?

2) Easy to trade this momentum and profit either side of the Time frames in a successful, consistent, productive, time efficient manner?

Consider sideways movement or the appearance of moving no where in these frames. In other words, we are looking at Solid Matter  in scientific terms for all of the aforementioned.

Markets moving no where, static or in Solid Matter.

In reality Solid matter never stops moving because atoms attract then repel each other but do not go too far away and are bound by an invisible rubber band for sakes of simplicity (Bulls oppose Bears). Now within Larger Time Frames which are also known as the dead process, naked to the human eye, brain and everyday profit making opportunities. Expansion and Contraction of markets through a heat source created by “Work” will also be known as energy thus in turn will create a reaction. The smaller frames can therefore be interpreted to the Liquid and the Gases. Their reaction and atomic structure are built very differently to those of the Solid therefore they cannot be handled in the same way.

Taking Solid Matter to the umpteenth degree enables clearer sight of molecules and how the lattice of infrastructure recognises their movements, very loosely translated equates to being similar to finger print or DNA. Spectrum of internal Lattice structure, Lattice Supremum or infimum when expanded are reviewed in market dynamics and pattern molecule recognition through every frame available and beyond. Some may call this the Matrix and a deeper understanding will only be achieved once a fully engaged mindset of compatible, conditioned and experience enhancement via intensive formulae equations which are satisfied using the following...

For Copyright reasons I will only discuss this in smaller Groups but thank you for taking the time to read and review some basic science, mathematics, geometry and atomic structure within the Matrix of the markets. One can only hope E.Y.E.S. software are now beginning to see and are becoming more engaged with the consciousness which was taken away before many even begun this journey.


Best Regards,

Sir Gissa



Additional info and shared thoughts:

Originally posted somewhere in the Blogmosphere (Forexstreet) by Sir Gissachance on November 22, 2012 at 11:00pm with 1290 views, 12 Likes, numerous comments.

 Comment by Sir Gissachance on November 23, 2012 at 10:14pm

  Comment by Peter JCP on November 24, 2012 at 11:03am

Hi Sir Gissa - some great pips you have amassed on those pairs using "masterclass" trading techniques fitting of the accreditation you have acquired through decades of trading experience.

Your latest "3D" chart on the EU even shows something I have not seen on any other chart - and I will bear that in mind for this next week.

Have a great weekend



  Comment by Sir Gissachance on November 24, 2012 at 3:14pm

Dear Peter,

Due to the unprecedented amount of requests to continue posting on this blog then I will share, update, support and advise further as follows;

Thank you for those kind words and as you are fully aware, I have published a blue chart which is my normal public setting. The positioning of blue chart above black will give stark contrast to viewer and awaken their inner thoughts. (As stated on another post this is not for the faint hearted but I did give prior alert).

Collaboration of items posted will undoubtedly inspire the VAK and therefore Golf Ball sized consciousness will and can only expand. However, by using additional insight through a fully functional, Free Thinking, effective, efficient, professional, well traveled, diverse and broadly educated state of mind, in other words "ForeXmospherian."  

We can apply a fully varied knowledge base and skill set, including using mathematical and scientific calculations as a tool. Which pass through every Degree of Geometric dimension. This base view is how I See, Hear and Feel PA in every single TF. I would however like to submit additional information but one will not progress to that at present due to "information overload" which would be unfair and flood all learners new and old, fellow traders and any Forex Educators.

I digress, you may also say deep reflections run through ones mind as one translates the absolute minute movement of electrons within a chart and the positive nucleus encompassed by negative orbital frequencies. (N.B. These do not actually travel in the direction one is taught but may cover that later on another occasion).

Have a great weekend.

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance (PPND)

  Comment by Sir Gissachance on November 24, 2012 at 8:50pm



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