Daniel Stasziek - trading since 2009. If you want to start trading, I suggest you follow the general advice: "run very quickly, the other way."


  • Nice job with this,the truth of this trading community is embodied in this post.

  • Well I be IVked nice write up as this sums up the Forexmospherian heart and soul of Forex Traders and friends here!


  • Hi Daniel,

    A brilliant compilation of Forex blogs, trading the currency Markets and the individual Forex Traders journey here at Forexmosphere. Also some really wonderful views on Market analysis, Forex indicators along with some superb trading strategies and forex charts. This sums up the idea that everyone can have a voice in an online Forex trading community and so glad its here at Forexmospherians.com 

    Its fair to say that effort goes a long way and there is plenty of thoughtful effort within each one of those Forex posts, so well done everyone, with a special thank you to Daniel Stasziek for putting this information together. Excellent job and thanks for sharing.

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissa

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