Members Ranking System at Forexmospherians

Members Ranking system feature now installed at from our friends at Ning.

Forex Network members can receive points for their activity and time spent on the network and will receive important achievement award icons.

The Traders contribution is recognised on the general site members page and are the members listed with the most awards for achievements.

Points are recorded on the site members Profile page along with the achievement awards icons too.

Highest contributors are amongst the most respected traders on the site and new contributors will be in a position to be invited to join private groups trading and discussions.

The points can not be rewarded retrospectively for content but site membership duration will be given.

Current point scoring:

New post 100 Points

New Article 100 Points

New Comment 10 Points

New Video 30 Points

New Photo 30 Points

New Poll 100 Points

New Event 100 Points

New Forum Topic 100 Points

New Audio 30 Points

There will also be points rewarded for network membership duration and points for some special awards.

Happy New Year Forexmospherians.


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Intraday Forex Trader, Scalp, Swing, Trend.
Senior Technical and Fundamental Analyst.
Previous contributor: Secret Forex Society, Forex Street, Forexmosgate,
Forexmosphere Site Administrator, Site Tech, NC and Moderator.


  • Looks like you've been busy with site upgrades Fxmosphere and good job. Happy New Year.


  • Awesome FXmosphere and Happy New year 36.gif

  • PS. Daniel Stasziek and I would like to thank you for the Fxmos currency coins in advance of their release 64.gif

    • It is already on my TODO list 69.gif Will be my pleasure to do that, but will take some time 18.gif

  • Happy New Year Traders and well done FXMosphere. These site upgrades are really interesting and site members will have a better Forum experience with these new options. Looks like you guys have also spotted a gap for a new type of Bitcoin on the market called FXmos-coin? 113.gif

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