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It’s a wonderful feeling to be completely absorbed in the fluidity of movement that is running or walking; that perfect moment in time, accompanied only by your music. Now, the loss of music is not just an annoyance, tangled cords are a major safety hazard that can lead to tripping, falling and the possibility of injuries.

What you need is a set of carefully engineered behind the neck sport headphones. These earphones provide a secure, comfortable fit with specially acoustically-tuned and designed earbuds made to stay in your ears, even when you’re active. And as the earphones sit in the ear canal, they don’t interfere with your hairstyle, eye glasses or earrings.

Even better than the design of these headphones is the amazing jaw-dropping sound quality. You get best-in-class performance with rich and powerful lows, solid mids, and the highs do a great job of preserving detail without harshness.

With the built-in mic you are assured best-in-class audio sound that allows you to answer calls

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HF Master Card