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Pips Wizard Pro

I have been using Pips Wizard Pro for a time and so far it has been great, but as you know it took me some time to have good results, why?

Because I made some mistakes that cost me, the good thing is that I learned. Are you making some?

Mistake # 1:

Do not use Pips Wizard Pro in a FLAT Market. I broke this rule just a week a go.

​I received a Pop Up Notification to sell USD/JPY, at the end of the USA session, I knew it was a bad idea to trade in a Flat Market.

After all I had read the Pips Wizard Rules, but I wanted to trade, I wanted to make money, so I open the trade.

​The result was my trade hit the Stop Loss, and I lost money!

So don´t open a trade, even if you receive a signal, in a flat market, wait!!

Use Pips Wizard Pro Only at Active Market Hours, for example, London and USA Session.

Mistake # 2:

Because Pips Wizard Pro is so easy to use and to follow, sometimes you forget to follow a basic forex rule:

¨The Trend is your Friend¨

That´s how I made this mistake I received a Pop Up Notifica

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