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The following video is based on a true story. Inspired by many of Sir Gissa's epic clips and trades... things I never seen before, never seen from anyone else.

So the below clip is both a motivation and an exam.  My assignment was to build a pyramid at least 10 levels on a randomly selected day preferably  at least on 3 different pairs and the process to be documented.

I do think that different platforms, charts and things placed on charts suggest different opinions about the market. Nevertheless sometimes  but more often some very trade-able formations occur. What I find rather strange is that there are days when I cannot make a mistake while there are other days when I  just cannot find a single pip on the chart.... and most strange is that there is nothing in between!

As you all know I am not a pro and the biggest challenge in trading for me is to be consistent, to keep  what I make and not to loose everything on the other day. The struggle and real psychological fight behind these trades remain hidden.

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  • sorry Johni, cant see this video?

  • Dear Johnifx,

    A wonderful video and thank you for compiling and sharing with us here. I really do not know what to say and more so, I did not know you had been collecting those charts but happy you did. You should be extremely proud to have produced this masterpiece and hope you share with a wider audience because your work certainly deserves it. Well done and thank you.

    Anyway, thank you for always being a great friend to me and the rest of the team here, for always being supportive and thank you for continuing onwards with our journey through life my very, very dear friend.

    Best Regards,


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