Wondering Aloud #audusd #nzdusd ga gn gu ea en eu

 working on some heretical projections  audusd nzdusd and the four crosses gbp eur maybe eu gu  i think  in their own section  along with jpy crosses if i can get to it 

this stems from flypaper discussion got added into previously posted gbpaud thread where I was talking about my time segments 8 min charts human behavior reaction times and fractal-ness of those charts

which I will end up breaking out into its standalone thread

basically view from space was looking for gbpaud (as well as related assets and counter correlated pairs to correspond) to fall down to my dream target 8279 as indicated then up to 8500 and ideally 8630 then long fall as indicated red diagram stealth ed onto chart below  that long fall I believe we are in now which i am believing lasts until 5/2 5/5 and then moonshot up Long for ga gn ea en for long term hold and corresponding au nu up to that time and then subsequent fall  

to put it plain   intraday movements notwithstanding  ga gn ea en lower until 5/2 5/5  au nu higher until same time then au nu short for a long time  then ga gn ea en long for a long time

as price (ga) dipped to 8300 only back to 8500 retested 8300 held up at 8500 then last friday  (which I missed by the way) full monty past 8670 something before falling back and if you look at your charts before the market opens sunday night and see how things settled out after all that strength  i believe that is telling

not getting hungup on precise numbers atm but overall direction and flow and my work this weekend to refine that further  but generally direction is along the general lines of the theory

I mean if after traveling hundreds of pips it overshoots your target or undershoots by 30 50 or so are you going to be mad?

as my previous post 77 has held aud and even though 6900 was breached into 6800's it and aud already turning     look im not saying sunday night doesn't see further knee jerk lower in both but that they will turn  (i believe up nearto green small retrace then continue) however this is not about intraday or daily PA but longer term.

My previous thgt on other thread http://www.forexmospherians.com/groups/forexmosgate-trading-and-the-wisdom-of-the-crowd/blog/gbpaud

I am going to put a warning here  my theory laid out in other thread easy enough to be considered. If you are not solidly established in your own trading theory


If you are not established in your own theory and practice the benefits would be minimal and indeed proceeding past this point maybe harmful to you

I am going to lay out my case for the above detailing what are assumptions and I could straight point of fact be incorrect. The methods I am going to use are of an unproven theory in as much as i have earned with them yes but I am very nimble and will change direction without any ego as to my forecast and I always always use a stop. a better trader would have made more than I have  what works for me and makes sense to me may not for you. You have the idea reading proceeding post. so yeah love to share this but I am a madman and a heretic.

Im going to dig into my charts and lay this out between today and tomorrow

I know sir G gene pixta peter that you have for years seen charts from me that were shall we say less than stellar however some of this may be interesting hope i can scalp the time from my localtime life to get it done

first chart is original posts second and third not your grandfathers Oldsmobile and the reason I was so excited about the fib channel  yes Peter I said Fibonacci  LOL

I plan to flesh out my charts in presentable fashion over the next day and intentionally guarding against form fitting the results but as you know the observer often has his affect on the observed

Be well

I am grateful I can do this here



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  • i will try and tune in

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  • So didnt get all the charts up last week but the theory spelled ourt enough

    Of course the only truth is price  that said last month as you see the JPY  post that was featured from first week of the moth double bottoms and exhaustion last dip before round trip run up jpy pairs and now they back at the level

    Myself planning for the usual to start the week  dip then UntG (up nearto green) then down except feeling good solid break out lows and then at slightly after ntR up and away

    of course usual weekly human sentiment moves except the rest of the month higher after colored vertical time markers or nearto and on upfor the rest of the quarter and into next quarter coming to consolo end of sept  woah woah lets not get ahead of ourselves  lol

    I say this because even if it doesnt go as high or goes higher or doesnt go as low or lower the direction of travel is the core  untg down through g then pivot ntr for the week and that pivot near the red decision zone I expect a supreme low  of course look at the news variants from last week  maybe that has pushed us out a week as the ripples of that still evident eu pairs

    we have to see what transpires either way we will not be suprised

    oh the weekly stuff aside this whole thread is about those gold arrows right wrong or indifferent stay nimble and if that comes to pass or anything close I urge you to take a hard look at it the gold arrow trade

    oh for JPY pairs  UPntG then the same down for the weekly have not mapped the rest of the quarter ill try to get a view from space up but no promises

    A personal note:  I am trading these four and my jpy basket scalp in a cad once in awhile its a handful i have to stay on top of my execution as im building a nest egg to change my residence so leaving everything behind so basically starting over was good seven years here (ive been here 11)   any and all help will be appreciated if there some good earners I am not seeing. Plan is sometime this summer heading to the DF M city. Last third of my life doing what I want going south earn in dollars spend in MX ARG BR better exchange rate, hopefully I earn enough to sail there. Either way I am going. So any help will be awesome. Thanks in advance

    Be well















    oh ill leave some eurjpy madness here just as well yea its alot of crazy  further away less likely to be close to the right number direction and times of travel though not bad  UPntG then down through red has a good chance and as usually actionable high nt each colored marker  Did i mention time segments for measuring human reaction and sentiment throughout the course of the week? I will have to check  Cheers


  • Interesting post thank you:)
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