besides un identified gold line ma good number this I referred to G

the down retrace rundown then moonshot  (moonshot not shown)

I have been thinking this for gbpnzd as well but Kind of new to me felt this recently reinforced from my orbit albeit distantly and undefined

I know your busy but Ill add some longer term thoughts along these lines have to rebuild the charts

obviuosly this maybe craziness and if anywhere near weeks in the making

my 8min charts divide by 4 then fractal out x4 to 32 etc and more x4  I errantly contained it to a week

price equals time so 4 weeks then 16, 64

been playing with it hindsight always made to fit i quess think I will build some live ones throw behind the gate

anyway thanks for all you do

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  • 3082556?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Basically, wow!

  • doing a workup on audusd nzdusd and the four crosses gbp eur although i quess i could extrapolate further going to make its own thread and turn this back to original fractal theory

  • Wondering Aloud

    so I was looking for 8279 downside then 8630 upside then long down 7150 even as far as 6923  then moonshot long

    however  got to 8300 couple time best retuen was like 8540 then another lower test 8300 back to 8500  so thinking long lower run to lower fib levels previous R   then a months long tear (long) all summer into the fall

    Yes quite a dream

    some points to ponder

    nzdusd has help 6900 level multiple attempts intraday (so far)

    seeking much higher 7249 lets just call it 7200

    even if breaks into 6800's doesn't negate view

    audusd has held up into 7700's feeling exceptionally buoyant dream upside  8079 lets call it 8000's then long run down over same period

    yes would mean similar couple weeks rundown into new territory lows (4 all night long pairs) before joining on the moonshot long opposite direction

    Hey Im a madman and a heretic not trying to convince anyone

    I am just saying if at some time in the next weeks you find yourself at nzdusd  audusd at the highs mentioned that you consider a long term short on those and longterm buys on the other 4 gbpnzd gbpaud euraud eurnzd

    this has to do with dxy or the dollar and I only voice it here as I have seen this same theme starting to be talked about by anil mangal on trading view as well as vladimir ribakov even kicklighter and some of his compatriots have this on their charts yet only talk around it

    of course it could either stay sideways for the next year or two or simply fall lower and lower for the rest of my life  

    be well










  • 3081471?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • my heart was set on 8279 due to the math i saw 8297 for a flash red diagram lower right

  • awesome G but what do you think about the longterm price action  123b is it possible to get even close from that distance? targets in red bottom of chart

     those are all just positioning trades

     the down we are in now is first one       goal is last for a blow off top

  • Hi Jim,

    You are welcome, there is tons more to come from me and like your designs here and definitely something in that.

    I wrote "the Trader" post which described the hungry Spider with tight parameters and the spider which was less hungry, those thoughts actually relate to traders settings and to different time frames etc and so can see your design will work.

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissa

  • oh each time covered whether week 4 week 16 etc still five fingers and five toes

    each div 4 vertical time marked segments but reason its a fractal is each segment can then be div by 4 both price and time down to 2 min

    so time section between gold to red can be divided by 4 if 8 min bars   2 min bars AND segmented by 4 vertical time markers same 5 fingers 5 toes apply and can zoom out infinitely x4 size bar and trading days covered each magnification segmented  x4 vertical time zones markers green gold red

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The following video is based on a true story. Inspired by many of Sir Gissa's epic clips and trades... things I never seen before, never seen from anyone else.So the below clip is both a motivation and an exam.  My assignment was to build a pyramid at least 10 levels on a randomly selected day preferably  at least on 3 different pairs and the process to be documented.I do think that different platforms, charts and things placed on charts suggest different opinions about the market. Nevertheless sometimes  but more often some very trade-able formations occur. What I find rather strange is that there are days when I cannot make a mistake while there are other days when I  just cannot find a single pip on the chart.... and most strange is that there is nothing in between!As you all know I am not a pro and the biggest challenge in trading for me is to be consistent, to keep  what I make and not to loose everything on the other day. The struggle and real psychological fight behind these…

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