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    • Hmm, that is one way to think I suppose Romano, I must admit you joined this journey a little later than most so probably fits with your thinking. However, another way of thinking could be, these are displayed to help and advise, with perhaps a third thought added = some ideas may just not have been shared before with a greater audience. I will let you decide ; 0 )

      Thanks for the compliment about the post : 0 )

      Best Regards,

      Sir Gissa

  • timing a lil off but pattern seems good


  • 4/20/2015 1230 pm est us  I am dreaming of down till prelondon or so the up to nearto green then push down to target box   (even though as you see from earlier posts in main that dreaming of much lower that will be something else)

    however Draghi telling folks not to short the euro  well lol  who knows and could bounce anytime between now and london but likely down to golden hour.. Headline risk lots of talking heads battling depends what news they push    what often happens doesnt always happen 

    time box is not price   dotted lines abc not reflective of price



  • 3075911?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024




    Potential opportunity up to around 134.80 ish red trendline  blue time rectangle

    then sell ?IF



  • what I have noticed lately price breaks red sma pulls back then runs through again, however what often happens doesnt always    note 50% retrace  so is below 133.26 could be good for a few  as much as this pair moves beyond scalping  safe bet break of round number with authority could be good for a good handful on the downside   currently scalping short but  im a leaf on the wind this pair atm  New york many headline risks    for me happy grabbing 10+ today at a time  of note longer term a 4 hour 1st tgt met  daily bounced vividly first test of 130

    be well  

    Stay nimble

    Regards Jim




  • 3075815?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Current price Below the Largest MA in this Frame is Regarded as a Bear Market.

  • 3075837?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Current price Below the Largest MA in this Frame is Regarded as a Bear Market.

    Dynamic Support breached for a great short entry in this frame.

  • 3075747?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Current price Below the Largest MA in this Frame is Still Regarded as a Bear Market.

    However, due to support identified at 135.00 with the price on the bull side of 20MA, then it is reasonable to presume consolidation and NTZ for bears. Currently longer term bears waiting on trailing S/L versus minor Bulls in control. Initial Bull stops would have been placed at the Mark of 135.00

  • Hi Jim,

    Yes I remember and will give the heads up here again for those who like an ma and so on. We need MA to help train the Eyes and Brain to start seeing the correct or true movement, whether that be Bias, turbulence, range, whip or trend/counter trend and so on.

    If we accept that noise is price and price is noise in any time frame then the MA can provide an overarching viewpoint on price movement. Ultimately the price will break any MA but remains nearby and almost attached like an invisible elastic or rubber band. Ultimately crossing over again.

    For the purpose of displaying an example I have chosen to use the most popular MA on the charts thus far which are 20, 50 and 200 ma. Naturally we can use a wide variation of these and what suit us all later.

    To take the MA a whole lot further and beyond though, we can discuss later.

    More on MA later and should have probably started this as its own discussion in case is buried and lost in this section.

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissa

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Forexmosphere - devoid of all dismay

The following video is based on a true story. Inspired by many of Sir Gissa's epic clips and trades... things I never seen before, never seen from anyone else.So the below clip is both a motivation and an exam.  My assignment was to build a pyramid at least 10 levels on a randomly selected day preferably  at least on 3 different pairs and the process to be documented.I do think that different platforms, charts and things placed on charts suggest different opinions about the market. Nevertheless sometimes  but more often some very trade-able formations occur. What I find rather strange is that there are days when I cannot make a mistake while there are other days when I  just cannot find a single pip on the chart.... and most strange is that there is nothing in between!As you all know I am not a pro and the biggest challenge in trading for me is to be consistent, to keep  what I make and not to loose everything on the other day. The struggle and real psychological fight behind these…

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  • Brilliant charts everyone.

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