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Came across this in a serendipitous way. Love the blog lots of mindset stuff

The 67 days project is Tai Lopez way of attempting to mentor a large number of folks at once. He is charging 67 bucks. The project is being limited to a low number of individuals. So given the resources information included he is not doing it for the money clearly.

I am taking part in this as I feel I have plateaued. I am somehow limiting my success   self sabatoge if you will. I have larger goals in mind and need to break the ceiling.  

Let me give you an example. I had 20 bucks in a high leverage micro account. In furtherance of my goals I decided to push out the 13 days project concept. so i doubled 40, then 80 then 160 no big shakes right. 320 still fociused  doing my top down daily and throughout the day , as taught to me by gissa several years ago,  being aware of when news was coming or who was giving a watching rolling stops taking profit reentering after the counter trend having taken what i could. Keeping my stops and losses low profits high. 640, 1280  still no problem. Started counting my chickens, doing less of the work got to 2250. trades started going against I held anyway   lost 800. friday came so I was happy that i had gotten my 6th double in one week successfully. Sunday night came  I jumped in soon seeing 2560 equity (my 7th double) with a ton of open trades I rolled stops but I started adding and compounding and upping my trade size just randomly  (incorrectly) before there was a pullback so soon my negative trades being larger than my inital trades, I didnt close knew I was right, something i have trained myself not to be concerned with or care about.  (in actuality I was right about where the price would go I just traded it incorrectly} once the actual price put my 2nd nearest level trades in red (I had added 5 or 6 times)  margin call before i could tp and before I could roll stops. The machine closed biggest losers first so soon down to 135 bucks. I had soon looking at 4300 in equity trades not closed and many not locked in to 135 in the account  and I knew it and just watched it happen.    this to me   I mean I knew better and know better. I ignored every rule every concept of money management i learned from peter gissa genx the rest of the guys shared over the years.  To me it was not the market,  manipulation or whatever. I have met the enemy, my greatest nemesis and to my horror it is me.

So I started this program  it is helping I am determined to pass through this barrier. Another reason I am taking part in this has to do with the difference between learning and application of knowledge. Here is an example one evening late it was before london session old fxstreet chat room. I was new on the scene  Sir Gissachance graciously spent about a half an hour sharing charts explaining things gave me the i min chart for entry exits  that type of thing invaluable. It took me almost 18 months to apply this information effectively.  Here is another example  on the old street the first forexmosgate, first one I knew of anyway, and this was years ago. James, big fibo guy, put up a question about calculating time  not just price factors but when price would be at certain price. That question sent  me through dozens of books theories and many hours weeks months of study trial and error. I has brought me to where I am today with what I posted. There is more i have not posted but even with that is not   how can I say this. when it works its brilliant it works 2/3 of the time but lost energy or lost time (gann)  ...rambling  I have just been applying what I have learned effectively in the last year or so   my adaptation time is lacking to say the least

The other reason taking this is to adapt and apply knowledge faster.

I could edit this I guess but I told you all of that to tell you this. I have just started this 67 days today. I spent this week reading and benefiting from the bonus material and I can see a change feel a change and know that this has already helped me if I gain nothing else from it. I have only read 2 of the nooks and listened to the free materials on the blog. This my first day is worth the price I paid.  I am not affiliated i make no commission he does not know who I am  I am only sharing this here.

Give it a look it is worth a few minutes of your time


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The following video is based on a true story. Inspired by many of Sir Gissa's epic clips and trades... things I never seen before, never seen from anyone else.So the below clip is both a motivation and an exam.  My assignment was to build a pyramid at least 10 levels on a randomly selected day preferably  at least on 3 different pairs and the process to be documented.I do think that different platforms, charts and things placed on charts suggest different opinions about the market. Nevertheless sometimes  but more often some very trade-able formations occur. What I find rather strange is that there are days when I cannot make a mistake while there are other days when I  just cannot find a single pip on the chart.... and most strange is that there is nothing in between!As you all know I am not a pro and the biggest challenge in trading for me is to be consistent, to keep  what I make and not to loose everything on the other day. The struggle and real psychological fight behind these…

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