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besides un identified gold line ma good number this I referred to G

the down retrace rundown then moonshot  (moonshot not shown)

I have been thinking this for gbpnzd as well but Kind of new to me felt this recently reinforced from my orbit albeit

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#GBPNZD A request in the gate

Thought i would start this here   

the one chart I am posting here encompasses andrews action reaction lines measured move (beginning chapters before forks) and gann lost energy

we are at new recent highs and going to have to scrunch back some char

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4/6/2015 Oh Yea? Prove it. #eurjpy #gbpjpy

I hope you have had a great holiday.

Thin market, holiday trade. Myself multitasking Just keeping half an eye, taking advantage of a slow market, working on other stuff.

Up to green time decision zone.  Scrunched my 8 min chart to show that beauty

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67 days

Came across this in a serendipitous way. Love the blog lots of mindset stuff

The 67 days project is Tai Lopez way of attempting to mentor a large number of folks at once. He is charging 67 bucks. The project is being limited to a low number of indivi

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1-14-2015 GOLD

I decided to put this in the group because i feel this is and important level for gold, its meeting the 200 day ema in an ascending channel and if it is business as usaul it should short like hell here, on the other hand if it challenges the 200 and

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Forexmosphere - devoid of all dismay

The following video is based on a true story. Inspired by many of Sir Gissa's epic clips and trades... things I never seen before, never seen from anyone else.So the below clip is both a motivation and an exam.  My assignment was to build a pyramid at least 10 levels on a randomly selected day preferably  at least on 3 different pairs and the process to be documented.I do think that different platforms, charts and things placed on charts suggest different opinions about the market. Nevertheless sometimes  but more often some very trade-able formations occur. What I find rather strange is that there are days when I cannot make a mistake while there are other days when I  just cannot find a single pip on the chart.... and most strange is that there is nothing in between!As you all know I am not a pro and the biggest challenge in trading for me is to be consistent, to keep  what I make and not to loose everything on the other day. The struggle and real psychological fight behind these…

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