You Can lead a Human to Forex Knowledge .........

This was my Last comment on that well known negative Forum for failures, haters and dissers.

It seems that I have been able for nearly 30 months to "fool" or "Mislead" many so called "experienced knowledgable FX Traders".

From day 1 in late October 2013 I was told I was a joke and that I could not be a so called real FX trader on a live Account.

From then on the members who thought they were smart kept trying to catch me out - on anything possible - with the main intention of getting me banned

Mainly they basically said - everything I do cannot work - ie you cannot blog and intraday trade - you cannot work off tight stops of 3 to 5 pips - you cannot be consistent 95% of the time - ie making money not just monthly but weekly and most of the time - EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My method was ridiculed - even by a moderator - he's also a multi nic - he did not like to think my method might be better than his own - ie Big kid syndrome

While all this was going on - I was accused of being a multi nic as well - ie I must be Major Magnum or any other member who understood and liked my method.

Of course - I was also supposed to be a dodgy vendor - ie up to no good - just trying to rip off newbies etc etc 

It did not help when I refused to share my statements and my daily pip counts. It was bad enough having a daily Target of 50 pips - but for me to have the audacity to claim 300 or 400 pips somedays from intraday trading was looked upon as FANTASY ISLAND stuff - lol

Well I certainly fooled them..............



1. I have been FX trading for approximately 13 years of which the the last 8 years have been FULL TIME

2. I first traded on a retail LIVE account with lot sizes of 15 to 25 lots per pip in 2008/ 2009 with GFT UK- ie 8 years ago lol

3. I have in total taken over 20+ K scalps - I really do not have an exact number as I have had over 6 different accounts and some of my original info from over 9 years ago was lost on old computers and memory sticks.

4. Did I take every scalp I called - NO not always - BUT I also took scalps many days I did not even share on my 2 main threads.

5. Does my method work for me - YES 100% its made me great money over many years. I will have losing scalps - even as many as 5 or more some days - but my winning trades will "out trump" any small losses

6. Do I sell courses - or sell DVD's or have I helped all the "good guys" on the last Forum totally free of charge - ie NO COST - of course I did !!

SO - All the Idiots who have said I am a total Fraud and Fake and as one pratt calls me a so called "Charlaton" - I am so pleased to be able to say


To all the members who could not make their minds up - No problem - I deliberately did not play ball and I admit I did want to wind some of the other old school member up - that was my own agenda - as I did think some were plants from brokers and the trade etc etc

To the members who could see yes he can trade - he does have a good method - he is consistent - he does know what he is doing - etc etc etc

WELL DONE - Pat yourself on the back - You got it spot on ;-))

By the way - I have also been telling the truth about my age - i am 62 yrs old - I did semi retire in my 50's - but then came back full time when I got bored - but now owe to my family and myself to not carry on as a workaholic and so this year I am no longer going to trade 20 days a month or 200+ days a year.

When you get to a really high level of intraday trading - Its so BORING - it can be so monotonous - but unfortunately the 300+K members of that Forum - maybe half of them are multi nics - it looks as though not many got even close to Sir Gissachance and a few others on this forum's success.

I am looking forward to a few new challenges - I don't think I will be trying over 25 lots a pip with live trading -( too old nowadays) but look forward to working with all the "good guys" here at base camp and renewing some old acquaintances of over 3 years ago.

Question is - What's the next mission ? ;-))

All the best


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  • well you took me from a consistent loser to consistent winner. Ty and indebted.

  • Glad to see you guys made it out but the net needs places like that! Speaking of Horses!

  • No it was Scotland Yard and your credentials are?

  • Look forwards to seeing you post Lisa or Oscar the troll from Trade to Lose AKA T2W, only congenial folk, new ideas and shared experiences are welcome here so definitely not the place for you.

  • On main menu above, hit the Blog Tab, once the page opens you will see to the right hand side an "add blog" icon, so click that and you are set to go. There is a text editor in there with the normal upload, files, photos, video and add tags to your blog.

  • Well good to see you here Peter.

    Best Regards


  • Did you received my messages?

    • Hi SFX

      No ? - please try again 


  • well, my latest short was taken 4 pips from the wave top and had zero drawdown, so clearly they are not correct 3080230?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Moaaaargh

This reply was deleted.

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