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"what flavour is it?""well it's... seabird flavour, do you want some or not?"While an albatross used to be good luck before some idiot killed it, it is better known as a bad luck icon. It seems that my trading style has upgraded from magic 8 ball to albatross! I have my own homework charts and review them before I dive in but it seems that I am predicting 24hrs ahead. Currently I am a few thousand pips down over the past couple of months since I started trading, so my advice is to slow the roll, keep checking the data and if you spot a pattern like my 24hrs, trust your gut that it is going to continue. I've stopped trading and am now watching the pattern to see if my predictions come true, hopefully albatross will soon be shamrock and I will make those pips back up over time.

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An extraordinary LBC interview between Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen, the controversial right wing leader of France's Front National speaks.

Amongst the numerous topics covered in this lengthy interview, this French Leader of the current French opinion polls talks about the tension between European Leaders. Relationships with USA and Russia, the logical steps to let European nations have their own currencies which will naturally find their own values. "The Euro is a major European handicap". The special trade relationship the French and British could strike up. The blackmail tactics against the UK by the European Leaders. Marine praises the British people for deciding to leave the European Union. Marine also confirms the immediate suspension of the Schengen Agreement when FREXIT happens.

Viva la France, when France will become French once again!

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Forex | Tell Me Your Story

Come, Tell me your Forex Story. Join the Forex Foreign Exchange Market Forum and tell your Trading Story at

I would love to hear all about your trading journey, where do you come from, when did you first become interested in Currency Markets and Trading, how long have you traded, what currency pairs do you trade, what type of indicators do you use on your Forex charts, are you a Fundamental Trader or do you use Technical analysis, what FX strategies do you use and what is your Forex trading plan?

This Video Dedicated to Forexmospherians and all other good guys in Life.

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance

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Here's a Forex message in a bottle - I may have mentioned this before but thought it just could add some value to someone someday somewhere:

The question is would it be fair to Forex Brokers if we posted what the Forex Markets would do for 71 currency pairs in multiple time frames, thus giving everyone here time to prepare.
I say no, that's not fair on the Brokers at all! and we never ever do it! (everyday nor with up to or greater than one weeks notice as per Forexmospherian Currency Kraken, FPA and CBA. Nor do we make numerous videos giving 12 months notice of what the markets will do neither. Nor do we code any posts nor publish videos that contain hidden Forex market alerts and messages. Just to name but a few items not available here!

Have a great weekend everyone :0)

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Trading Forex | Everything is Consciousness

After considerable thought given to a previous post called "Everything is" which I wrote many years ago and shared at another Forex Trading Forum called Forexstreet, I decided to go into this a little more and hopefully it will be of use to others who missed out first time around or for those who needed further information. So, lets get into this with a Free thinking mindset which is at the heart of Foreign Exchange Trading. Reasonable to say so some effort needs to be made to observe the wider market picture, not just here but in all things in life and throughout the universe. Further market observations perhaps will register and hopefully a deeper understanding of Price Action and market dynamics can be attained. 

The very Basics in terms and Magical Three

Everything in the Universe fits into one of three Classical Categories;

1) Solid

2) Liquid

3) Gas

Everything in market dynamics has Three Classical States:

1)The market is going Up.

2)The Market is going Down.

3)The Market is going sideways.

Every Forex Trader falls into Three Classical categories :

1) The Smart FX Trader.

2) The Semi Smart FX Trader.

3) The Misinformed.

A Pattern inside a Pattern inside a Pattern.

Some science: With exchanged Reference points and applied variables.

Gas and liquid move quickly and easily from one place to another so lets very quickly and only for a moment substitute those elements into market movements along with Solid Matter.

Daily or 4hr Tf's, with market Bull or market Bear conditions with momentum. Two questions now spring to mind for these Time Frames:

1) Easy to spot Bull/Bear momentum in these Time frames?

2) Easy to trade this momentum and profit either side of the Time frames in a successful, consistent, productive, time efficient manner?

Consider sideways movement or the appearance of moving no where in these frames. In other words, we are looking at Solid Matter  in scientific terms for all of the aforementioned.

Markets moving no where, static or in Solid Matter.

In reality Solid matter never stops moving because atoms attract then repel each other but do not go too far away and are bound by an invisible rubber band for sakes of simplicity (Bulls oppose Bears). Now within Larger Time Frames which are also known as the dead process, naked to the human eye, brain and everyday profit making opportunities. Expansion and Contraction of markets through a heat source created by “Work” will also be known as energy thus in turn will create a reaction. The smaller frames can therefore be interpreted to the Liquid and the Gases. Their reaction and atomic structure are built very differently to those of the Solid therefore they cannot be handled in the same way.

Taking Solid Matter to the umpteenth degree enables clearer sight of molecules and how the lattice of infrastructure recognises their movements, very loosely translated equates to being similar to finger print or DNA. Spectrum of internal Lattice structure, Lattice Supremum or infimum when expanded are reviewed in market dynamics and pattern molecule recognition through every frame available and beyond. Some may call this the Matrix and a deeper understanding will only be achieved once a fully engaged mindset of compatible, conditioned and experience enhancement via intensive formulae equations which are satisfied using the following...

For Copyright reasons I will only discuss this in smaller Groups but thank you for taking the time to read and review some basic science, mathematics, geometry and atomic structure within the Matrix of the markets. One can only hope E.Y.E.S. software are now beginning to see and are becoming more engaged with the consciousness which was taken away before many even begun this journey.


Best Regards,

Sir Gissa



Additional info and shared thoughts:

Originally posted somewhere in the Blogmosphere (Forexstreet) by Sir Gissachance on November 22, 2012 at 11:00pm with 1290 views, 12 Likes, numerous comments.

 Comment by Sir Gissachance on November 23, 2012 at 10:14pm

  Comment by Peter JCP on November 24, 2012 at 11:03am

Hi Sir Gissa - some great pips you have amassed on those pairs using "masterclass" trading techniques fitting of the accreditation you have acquired through decades of trading experience.

Your latest "3D" chart on the EU even shows something I have not seen on any other chart - and I will bear that in mind for this next week.

Have a great weekend



  Comment by Sir Gissachance on November 24, 2012 at 3:14pm

Dear Peter,

Due to the unprecedented amount of requests to continue posting on this blog then I will share, update, support and advise further as follows;

Thank you for those kind words and as you are fully aware, I have published a blue chart which is my normal public setting. The positioning of blue chart above black will give stark contrast to viewer and awaken their inner thoughts. (As stated on another post this is not for the faint hearted but I did give prior alert).

Collaboration of items posted will undoubtedly inspire the VAK and therefore Golf Ball sized consciousness will and can only expand. However, by using additional insight through a fully functional, Free Thinking, effective, efficient, professional, well traveled, diverse and broadly educated state of mind, in other words "ForeXmospherian."  

We can apply a fully varied knowledge base and skill set, including using mathematical and scientific calculations as a tool. Which pass through every Degree of Geometric dimension. This base view is how I See, Hear and Feel PA in every single TF. I would however like to submit additional information but one will not progress to that at present due to "information overload" which would be unfair and flood all learners new and old, fellow traders and any Forex Educators.

I digress, you may also say deep reflections run through ones mind as one translates the absolute minute movement of electrons within a chart and the positive nucleus encompassed by negative orbital frequencies. (N.B. These do not actually travel in the direction one is taught but may cover that later on another occasion).

Have a great weekend.

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance (PPND)

  Comment by Sir Gissachance on November 24, 2012 at 8:50pm



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If you are wondering where we all went to when the place closed all those years ago then the answer is, we found a new home and here we are at

Hoping this message finds all SFS Foreign Exchange Traders well.

Feel free to join us as we continue doing what we know.

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Analogy of a New Trader looking into Forex Markets. At first glance everything seems safe, amicable and fairly easy to handle.

However, take your eye off the ball and when your backs turned with no Plan and stop loss in place, it could be a completely different story.

Always Trade Safely and Responsibly now that's the real S/R. "Where Traders and Friends Gather" 

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A quick step back in time to EURUSD 2012 and hands up who remembers when we used to Trade at Fxstreet!

I thought I would share these charts with multiple S/R and perhaps a different view point about Price action. Hope the video and post link help too.


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BREXIT: European Union and is it really worth staying in this Long term Trade or should a catastrophic stop loss be implemented?  Naturally,  the answer  all depends upon perspective. Perhaps the suggestion could be likened to the big question below. Is the EU Glass half full or is the EU Glass half empty?  Let's see who can work out an answer. European Union supporters play the Optimist here versus the Pessimistic Brits raising the question for the upcoming EU referendum.

European Union Optimists - " The Glass is Half Full!"

British EU Pessimists - "The Glass is half empty!" 

*A note recently left by the Americans :

* Shortly afterwards,  a further note turned up, this time written by the Forexmospherians.

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I could not help but notice the sudden influx of ex Trade2Win Traders at over the last few months and so greetings and welcome folks. I guess you realized its time to make a positive change to your environment. You may have already noticed the Forex traders here are thankfully a little different from what is happening elsewhere. Hope you feel welcome and make yourselves at home.

Also, a special personal thanks to fellow members, site owners and administrators. Well done guys excellent job on the site. Super Lyrics and great being able to share this video and soundtrack "Give A Little Love" by Noah And The Whale. The message simply is, this video really will change your life if you watch it and so will joining, as the saying goes: Forexmosphere - "Where Traders and Friends Gather" and for too many reasons to mention, there is no better Forex Forum to be a member of.

A short extract from the lyrics:

 Well if you are what you love,
And you do what you love,
I will always be the sun and moon to you,
And if you share with your heart,
Yeah, you give with your heart,
What you share with the world is what it keeps of you

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My thoughts about trading the EUR/USD

I have been steadily losing money for the last 4 years.
one day I sat down and analyzed and came out with a plan. The plan is
based on many many factors and suggestions.
one of the main components is Peter JCP and Sir Gissa's methods along
with elliot theory and money management and other fundamental analysis
and my observations (screen time) of the market for hours on end.
Also there have been suggestions from so many people on message boards
that I visit. I have no direct interaction with people however I read
their chatter and try to figure out some stuff.

The plan and method has gone thru a lot of evolution and recently I
suffered a loss of $600 .
It was a few stupid moves I made and which led to other stupid moves
and finally I stopped when I had lost $600.

After carefull analysis I started again after a few hours and
recovered my $600 and then quit for the week.

Success had led to Overconfidence and hasty moves in the market and
that led to losses and FEAR
and more stupid moves and more losses and finally I stopped
and then started again after carefull analysis

so I went thru different emotions and steps
More stupid moves
Paranoia (I felt the broker was moving against me  since they have all
the information - my entries , my take profit , my stop losses, my win
rate, my percentage)
more losses
then a halt for a few hours and carefull analysis.

I came to the conclusion that It was not the broker but me/myself who
was making wrong decisions and it was solely ME and my FAULT

And then after carefull analysis. I dusted myself off and came back
with 3 small trades which were successfull and then played my hands
and saw opportunities and took them and recovered my losses.

so I have made zero money in last 2 days,,,,but zero losses. opening balance was $4,000 when I started (was this 15-18
days back) I remember sending you a screen shot posted on
Now all trades are closed for the week and my balance is standing at $5500
which is a 37.5 percent increase

I have three major emotions

I am still not a robust day trader but I am trying my best.

I cannot sit and give guidance to people and discuss my methods
because I am still a newbie.
I am Very very green and with lots of itchy sticky fingers.

I hope that sometime in the future maybe after a couple of years I can
become a successfull Forex trader.
Till then I shall keep posting my Balances (No demo accounts) Only
live account balances.

I hope the secrecy regarding my methods does not offend any person.

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Tanks made of gold

So. A little homework never hurt anyone, just wish I had gotten around to looking last night. The Gold market is showing decline and a 700 pip drop sure woke me up today.I'm working on the chart that shows why I should have looked it up yesterday and why I'm going to hold for loss prevention until the end of the month. I'm looking at key dates in the next few months and my crystal ball (actually more a magic 8 ball So far) will hopefully yield fruit.Picture captures me looking at my shares…
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Big Banks Forex Trading Strategy || Mid-Term

First of all I would like to recommend a great document out there - "DB Guide to Exchange-Rate Determination" which was written by Deutsche Bank in 2002 and is overfilled with FX rate determination, forecasting methods which can be used for all short term, mid-term and long term trading. If you haven't read it, look for it, download to your Kindle and take the time. It is worth. :)…

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