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It is important for traders to manage some good performance in the business. For all of the trades, you will have to manage some good signals. Whether you manage the signals with some good management of the support and resistance zones or use the Fibonacci tool for the right analysis, it will have to be done properly. There will be a lot of times when you will not feel good about the trades. This is because the right trends will not turn out to be a good one for your trades. Even the pro traders

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Learn from your past trade experience

If you want to improve your own performance, there’s no need to look elsewhere.Your own performance will define the quality of your work. In the case of the trading business, you will be working for the trading executions. When you concentrate on your own performance the weakness in it will be clear to your eyes. In this article, we are going to talk about it can stagnate. Many traders do not have the right kind of idea about analyzing their trading business properly. Thus they do not get the im

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Forex Trader Sir Gissachance has the Power (Thats it)

I read a Forex post comment the other day written by Daniel Stasziek on a Sir Gissachance trading alert, the alert was bang on the money but Daniel's comment was really quite funny and equally on the money, inspiring me to send this one. Watching this clip reminded me alot of when Sir Gissachance unintentially but repeatedly traded against the expert panel at Forexstreet and their continued response to his posts over several years of trading there. Everyone used to watch that forum try to bully

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Recently I've got back to one great book about Modelling and Simulations I read few years back. There is a basic model for economics mentioned, the Pólya urn model. It reminds me nothing but our lovely financial markets we trade everyday.

How does Pólya urn model work?

"objects are represented as colored balls in an urn. In the basic Pólya urn model, the urn contains x white and y black balls; one ball is drawn randomly from the urn and its color observed; it is then returned in the urn, and

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"what flavour is it?""well it's... seabird flavour, do you want some or not?"While an albatross used to be good luck before some idiot killed it, it is better known as a bad luck icon. It seems that my trading style has upgraded from magic 8 ball to albatross! I have my own homework charts and review them before I dive in but it seems that I am predicting 24hrs ahead. Currently I am a few thousand pips down over the past couple of months since I started trading, so my advice is to slow the roll,

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Forex | Tell Me Your Story

Come, Tell me your Forex Story. Join the Forex Foreign Exchange Market Forum and tell your Trading Story at

I would love to hear all about your trading journey, where do you come from, when did you first become interested in Currency Markets and Trading, how long have you traded, what currency pairs do you trade, what type of indicators do you use on your Forex charts, are you a Fundamental Trader or do you use Technical analysis, what FX strategies do you use and what is y

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       First of all I would like to mention that I don't have any personal experience with this and also would like to warn you about possible damages it can cause to your (mostly - in case of psychedelics)

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Best Forex Forum


A massive thank you message to all of the Traders and Admin at I have a been an intraday retail Trader for about 12 years or so and have written a few threads here and there over the years but not so many publically on this site, because I mainly come in to see what's new, checking out the awesome alerts and trading privately with the guys. Easily and by far the biggest thing to help my trading is being around you guys. You were the main attraction at a very popular site

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Forexmospherian Currency Kraken

ForeXmospherian Currency Kraken

Video dedicated to Forex Traders everywhere and especially to Forex Traders at ForeXmospherians.coms

The Forex video displays events which lead up to trading EURNOK and taking a long trade.

For those still unaware of what this all meant then quite simply, the Forexmospherian Currency Kraken which in brief is a way of analysing multiple currency pairs in multiple time frames, was posted in advance of the market. Pixta wanted a reading on EURNOK pair which was not

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Forexmospherians | EURUSD | Forex | Dies Irae

ForeXmospherians - EUR/USD - Forex - Dies Irae

The music behind this video is a famous Latin hymn of the 13th century, describing the Last Judgement. Used in the Mass for the dead. In the case of this Forex Video though, a typical chart pattern the Head and Shoulders is highlighted, which signalled the end for Bull traders. However, short term Longs were still available but there was one weeks notice given via technical analysis that Bulls were dead. Allowing plenty of time to prepare and phase

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EUR/GBP - V.O.I.C.E. and the S.O.U.N.D. of the M.A.R.K.E.T.

This video and post is my take on the Forex markets if Price action were able to physically speak out loud.

There are multiple time frames and multiple views and instances to take a trade in the Forex markets as well as identifying various support and resistance levels. So with that in mind I have highlighted multiple support, resistance and chart patterns to find the move which is relative to time frame. As any good trader knows analy

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Forex Trading: Advice Or Add Vice


Forex Trading: Advice Or Add Vice

Lets take a quick look and together Q.U.E.S.T.I.O.N. the words "Advice" and "Add Vice"  to see  what they actually involve:

  • Listening to the first random person who is prepared to talk to you and taking their words of wisdom literally?
  • Looking for the most expensive advice money can buy?
  • Follow a Guru because everyone else did?
  • Follow the advice from anyone or anything which is current and popula
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F.L.A.T.  L.A.N.D.E.R.S.


When Trading any forex currency pair like GBPUSD or EURGBP we should be able to take a view using just about any technical tools and indicators. However these are all based upon historical methods and are 2 dimensional in thought, versus a new idea of at the very least perhaps there maybe another or more dimensions right in front of our Eyes software. I understand this may inspire the VAK and begin to engage Brain's hard drive but that's only a good thing in my Forex

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