First of all I would like to mention that I don't have any personal experience with this and also would like to warn you about possible damages it can cause to your (mostly - in case of psychedelics) personality. And is absolutely NOT a recommendation to do anything like this.



       This topic caught my attention recently and so I started doing a little bit of research about it which I would like to share in this blog and afterall I would like to hear your opinions and bring on some serious discussion.


About Microdosing in Short

      Microdosing is taking small amounts of normal dose of mostly psychedelic drugs. The most used is LSD then shrooms and mescaline. The reason why most of the people choose LSD is that it most probably does not (for now there are very few academical writings about it out there) harm you physically (from what I've found out, the pure LSD can damage your psychological side).


The Users and Experience

      This is the paragraph where it becomes more interesting. From article which can be found on Wired[1], the users are mostly people who are looking for solving difficult problems in their jobs, those who has to keep their minds concentrated for long time period and increase their skills.

      It is said that Sillicon Valley is 'home' of those microdosers. But you can also find others from different professions in the article describing their experience.

      New York-based research chemist Joseph says: he's surprised by the range of contacts who are asking him about it. "Older folks, very sensible professionals in hedge funds or the medical industry. They are not looking to have a trip with their friends out in nature - they are looking at it as a tool."[2]

      Fadiman one of a few academical researcher on microdosing whose 125 participants report enhanced pattern recognition. They can see more of the pieces at once of a problem they are trying to solve.



       I am not looking for any pill (like in the video below) which would make me a super-trader. But on the other hand, trading is the game of edges and so why not to increase it? :)


And if you enjoyed the reading, you can check my two latest blog posts:
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  • you have legal fungus in Amsterdam, but doubt it would increase skill to trade :))

    • The truth is that if there was someone who would have never traded before, trading on microdosing drugs would not help him at all.

      On the other hand, it could give already skilled trader, who is struggling because he can't watch so many things simultaneously, some benefits.

      Bad for us there is so few academical writings on this topic. But the already mentioned Dr. Fadiman conducted research where

      "the question he set out to answer was whether psychedelic drugs could help solve hard science problems. Volunteers for the study had to be dealing with a problem - something that could be measured, built, proven or manufactured - that they'd been stuck on for at least three months. Twenty-seven men, including engineers, architects, mathematicians, a psychologist and a furniture designer, signed up.
      The results were startling. There were breakthroughs or partial solutions to 40 out of the 44 problems the volunteers were collectively grappling with."

      To keep the analytical view here the problem with such research is that those people could have made those breakthroughs in the time without the drugs.

      So well, it remains open to Q&A, if anyone had an experience with it, share with us :)))

  • Let me digest this a bit longer my friend it is of my very humble opinion that we are not going to let anything bad happen to this country :

    PROBLEM is the war we be fighting now is not within the sheeples scope of knowledge brother I am not going to be on the battle field like one would ever think I shall be fighting where the battles begin or end and it is through the countries ECONOMY as you had asked a very personal question and I think it was very insensitive for me not to answer such a question I so do wish to clear up by asking you this question my trip is ........ purely organic try this reading :

    The Sacred Mushroom & the Cross  by John M Allegro

    Spiritual :

    I shall give more insights to Microdosing  taking small amounts of a dose of mostly psychedelic drugs. The most used is LSD then shrooms my preferances  Mushrooms as they are more subtle as pure LSD can give tremendous insight without the right guide it may be harmful to ones mental health I am a willing guide the one as to whom one can see through the trip man its the trip that gets twisted in other words one must know what one wants to achieve so if you want to fly you learn from one that does if you want insights to trade then one must look to others whom trade .....

    • Hi Split, thanks for the reply. I have read alot about people who used psychedelics and fell into deeply depressed states of mind after using it. They say it will exaggerate the current feelings, so that is proably why one has to know what he wants to achieve, right? (like it would give you the power to see much better the truth out there, but needless to say, your truth cuz truth is relative).

      But those reports were on trip and I am not sure if it could be also the case of microdosing? As with microdose one will not get on full trip, it will just slightly boost the brain (as claimed elsewhere).

      Thanks for the video with Timothy Leary, it is very interesting and btw at his time he was the most dangerous individual in US :o) Until now I am not sure why.

      What do you think about Allan Watts lectures? He talked alot about it (psychedelics) in very interesting way.


  • 3086620?profile=original

  • Yes it is a good path ;))

  • Interesting theme. I read about famous French author Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie. Mostly his productivity comes from a huge coffee macrodosing.

    • Hi Pixta,

      I know some people who uses caffeine pills combined with L-theanine and only got a positive feedback from them. Caffeine kicks you off and theanine calms you down, so the right ratio caffeine:theanine is the way to go with this. But basically it is in any good tea, but surely not that much. On the other hand instead of drinking hectoliters of high quality green tea, the LSD will be cheaper. lol

    • and your body gets accustomed to caffeine, as not to LSD :)

      Have you watched movie Limitless?
      That would be some drug :)))

This reply was deleted.

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