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       First of all I would like to mention that I don't have any personal experience with this and also would like to warn you about possible damages it can cause to your (mostly - in case of psychedelics) personality. And is absolutely NOT a recommendation to do anything like this.



       This topic caught my attention recently and so I started doing a little bit of research about it which I would like to share in this blog and afterall I would like to hear your opinions and bring on some serious discussion.


About Microdosing in Short

      Microdosing is taking small amounts of normal dose of mostly psychedelic drugs. The most used is LSD then shrooms and mescaline. The reason why most of the people choose LSD is that it most probably does not (for now there are very few academical writings about it out there) harm you physically (from what I've found out, the pure LSD can damage your psychological side).


The Users and Experience

      This is the paragraph where it becomes more interesting. From article which can be found on Wired[1], the users are mostly people who are looking for solving difficult problems in their jobs, those who has to keep their minds concentrated for long time period and increase their skills.

      It is said that Sillicon Valley is 'home' of those microdosers. But you can also find others from different professions in the article describing their experience.

      New York-based research chemist Joseph says: he's surprised by the range of contacts who are asking him about it. "Older folks, very sensible professionals in hedge funds or the medical industry. They are not looking to have a trip with their friends out in nature - they are looking at it as a tool."[2]

      Fadiman one of a few academical researcher on microdosing whose 125 participants report enhanced pattern recognition. They can see more of the pieces at once of a problem they are trying to solve.



       I am not looking for any pill (like in the video below) which would make me a super-trader. But on the other hand, trading is the game of edges and so why not to increase it? :)


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Daniel Stasziek - trading since 2009. If you want to start trading, I suggest you follow the general advice: "run very quickly, the other way."


    • hehe, yes. (actually there is video at the end of this blog from the movie) To be honest, it is my third most favorite movie, right behind Fight Club and Matrix.

      Since writing this blog I have read a lot about how to increase some substances in our body the natural way and I believe it helped me somehow (of course it is not even close to the pill in the movie). I'm eating food with which it is easier for the body to create more dopamine, norepinephrine and doing activities which helps to increase the prefrontal cortex activity. (the NZT pill did the same, but like thousand times more lol)

    • too much dopamine is also not good

      I think that orgasm is also one way to decrease dopamine (short term), but why would you want to avoid that in life :))

      But eating clean, exercise, daily routine, and always learning could be a way to increase brain speed, but give us some magic pills :)))) because this speed is nowhere what that guy got in the movie hah

  • The main active ingredient in magic mushrooms is Psilocybin which have hallucinogenic properties closely related to mescaline in structure. The Aztecs in Mexico used both these chemicals from Cacti for centuries in tribal rituals believing the vivid and colourful hallucinations had religious significance. The Aztecs considered the mushroom so important they named it teonanácatl; meaning "God's flesh" or "God's meat".
    In the 19th Century the use of peyote cacti in tribal rituals spread to the natives of North America for the Comanches, Kiowas and the Mescalero Apaches which is actually where the word "mescaline" was originated from.
    Several varieties of Magic Mushrooms grow in temperate regions of the world such as the USA, Europe and the UK. Their use became increasingly fashionable in the UK in the 1970's as a natural legal alternative to LSD. It is not illegal to possess or consume these mushrooms in most countries unless they are prepared by crushing, drying or deliberately cultivating. If so, they become a Class A drug punishable by imprisonment.



  • This post is certainly food for thought, pun totally intended.


  • Howdy guys, I came back to this post because it's an awesome topic.

    Personally, I'll stick to normal smokes and coffee when trading and then booze to relax when the work is done. But if you find microdosing your thing then I won't judge. For me, I believe when you spend enough hours trading using a robust plan, then your mind becomes focused, the trading execution is far from being a breeze but entry and exits are really fine tuned and are on the money.  

  • Hi Tokyo Joe,

    Good to see you back on the main forum. The words "Jack and Daniels" is good for me!

    Live Freely. Drink Responsibly.

  • Hi Daniel,

    It could be that Drug microdosing has the potential to be particularly susceptible to the placebo effect.

    Tests have actually shown by the small amount taken, which is used to not to get high but get creative and focused instead. So this is directly linked to expectations. The conclusion of the tests were, if a user thinks something will have a certain effect then they are more likely to perceive that it does work, hence the placebo effect and nothing more.



  • Someone get me some more caffeine its gonna be a long Asia session otherwise

    2D structure of caffeine

    3D structure of caffeine

  • Yep more Caffeine through Asia traders. I need my central nervous system stimulanted by something of the methylxanthine class. Grin.gif

    After all its the world's most widely consumed psychoactive drug substance, legal and unregulated in most parts of the world. There are several known mechanisms of action to explain the effects of caffeine, the most prominent is it reversibly blocks the action of adenosine on its receptor which prevents the onset of tireness induced by adenosine. Caffeine also stimulates certain portions of the autonomic nervous system and thats what I love about drinking it. Cheers traders.

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