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Forex Trader Sir Gissachance has the Power (Thats it)

I read a Forex post comment the other day written by Daniel Stasziek on a Sir Gissachance trading alert, the alert was bang on the money but Daniel's comment was really quite funny and equally on the money, inspiring me to send this one. Watching this clip reminded me alot of when Sir Gissachance unintentially but repeatedly traded against the expert panel at Forexstreet and their continued response to his posts over several years of trading there. Everyone used to watch that forum try to bully him constantly but it never worked. The whole FXStreet cover up story lead by the blind leading the blind CEO Francesc Riverola. They had to ban Sir Gissachance in the end because he was just too damn good at trading and wasn't leaving but before Sir Gissachance was banished he just continued posting more alerts in shorter and shorter time frames, along with extraordinary forward thinking market analysis. Now that takes real expertise, true strength of character and commitment in wishing to help other Forex traders he calls the good guys in life. An even funnier analogy is when Sir Gissachance popped over to meet and greet the team at Trade2Win and they too had an aggresive response, like the one seen in the video clip, mainly because Sir Gissachance posted analysis and alerts to help FXstreet and T2W traders release their Anal Dwelling Butt Monkeys across their threads. I think you will enjoy this video as much as Forexmospherians do and it makes a really great trading analogy with regard to finding the right Forex Forum, in the right environment, along with the right trading folk. Take a look around the Forum and you'll soon see exactly what I mean.

Thanks for everything my friends, sit back and enjoy the Amazing Sir Gissachance and the Forexmospherians at



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  • It's so true and too funny Holmes, really, you're a really funny guy who gets straight to the point, hahahaha, I can't stop laughing man, lovin it! 

    "Sir Gissachance posted analysis and alerts to help FXstreet and  T2W traders release their Anal Dwelling Butt Monkeys across their threads ". - Holmes

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  • Hi Holmes and Forexmospherian,

    Not quite how I would have put things but funny post nevertheless, those Forums were equally as good as eachother for the crack all the same 

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissachance

  • 0:18 - it is good to check the market before it opens ;)

  • Unfortunately Holmes post expressed exactly the reality of most forex trading forums. The 95% traders who are said to loose it in the first year of trading are set of people who are either trolls, looking for flames and insults, or looking for a ceratin formula to make them money without their brain being used. In bold, I don't want to insult anyone on other forums with this post, but that's just the reality and when I see anyone who has the prepositions to be/or already is a successful trader, he is attacked or absolutely ignored. hehe

    We don't have those trolls etc here and hopefully never will have.

  • I agree Daniel, hopefully those Trolls remain as CEO, expert Panelists and Moderators of the respective Forums they belong too and do not make the journey to Forexmospherians. They will be ejected from this place where traders and friends gather. Meanwhile we trade, so lets get an outlook from the great man himself. Hi Sir Gissachance, if you have time and would not mind sharing with the Good Guys in Life, can I ask what are the techs for EURUSD? 


  • Roger that Holmes, standby for incoming ..........EURUSD H3 = 123T + Bear Flag Break. The following D1, H1 and 5 Second charts should not be shared on Google Search or any other search engine for that matter.

    As we used to share at Forexstreet: "keep these charts in a secret location, maybe even hidden under your floor boards, nail them down and then slide your bed over the top of them".

    And as we used to share at Trade2win: "Matthew 7:6" .............. Sir Gissa ...... Out !!!!! 

     Daily = EPR H/S and awaiting confirmation

    H1 = 3T + Asc Tri + MC

    5 Second = Narrow sideways Channel Break short versus Minor INV sighted where Bulls show their hand.

    Matthew 7:6 "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may…
  • If Sir Gissachance says the Bulls are in on a 5 second chart and show their hand then rest assure bulls are in, Awesomeness in live forex chart motion and thanks for the ancient scrolls

  • Sir G thoughts on EU turning down? Is your view still bullish long term?

  • Dear Viktor,
    I am still hold long EURUSD, my view of the Daily is still bull: EPR = H/S but remains non confirmed, so eyes on the target for a second shoulder and neckline breach for confirmation of bears in.
    Needless to say, there are a whole host of timeframes to analyse before aligning and or finding a set up and then taking the trade. The Forexmospherian Currency Kraken and Forexmospherian Particle Accelerator are printing the following:
    JBCB CBA = Positive
    Current FPA = Positive

    Best Regards,
    Sir Gissachance

    Forexmospherian Currency Kraken Video The Foreign Exchange Markets. Forex Social Network for Traders. Join the FX Forum, write a blog & join the discussions.
    • Awesomeness in motion from Sir Gissachance really great work and ultra steady at the Helm, trading has never been better cheers for my friend for my share of the pips. If Sir Gissa says Kraken is positive with a weeks notice then the EURUSD is positive 



      Forexmospherian Currency Kraken Video The Foreign Exchange Markets. Forex Social Network for Traders. Join the FX Forum, write a blog & join the discussions.
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