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Presenting keyboard shortcuts which I find extremely useful in charting forex markets. Keyboard shortcuts will especially help in making trading alot faster, so why not begin to learn them all which enables extra speed putting a trader in front of trading competitors? (:

Oanda's fxTrade

Provided by It is easy to see most of the traders around trading forum using these tools. The most useful of all and used all the time by myself are marked in the red rectangle in the photo below.


Which can be found under above link. It is also built into several FX brokerage charting tools. Namely Oanda's advanced charting, Directa IT etc. So it becomes really useful and enables extra speed when using technical analysis and switching through charts on this platform.


Changing the asset displayed is very easy and intuitive. This can also be used for the Down/Up arrow and the next asset in the list on the right panel will be plotted or just type the name of the asset and then press enter.

Changing the Time frame is also really simple and as easy as changing the assets. Just start typing the number of minutes, hours or days required to plot and then hit enter.



My preferred way in changing the symbols and time frames is to do it the 'tradingview way'. Just before typing your instrument symbol or period, just hit the enter button. This will make charting in MT4/MT5 become as fast as all of the above mentioned platforms.

For more keyboard shortcuts, see the picture below. My personal favourites are as follows:
     ctrl+F to measure the distance of pips and time
     ctrl+T to show/hide the trade panel
     F11 to maximize the chart window




I really do find the shortcuts helpful and so I think those of you traders who don't use them should begin to try and practicte the short cut functions and charting the Forex markets will become so much quicker, easier and actually fun too ;)

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