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When Trading any forex currency pair like GBPUSD or EURGBP we should be able to take a view using just about any technical tools and indicators. However these are all based upon historical methods and are 2 dimensional in thought, versus a new idea of at the very least perhaps there maybe another or more dimensions right in front of our Eyes software. I understand this may inspire the VAK and begin to engage Brain's hard drive but that's only a good thing in my Forex book. Anyhow, moving swiftly on, please find a great video featuring Carl Sagan which explains about the Flatlanders and what they know, feel, think and see. Some of my forex technical analysis charts for GBPUSD and EURGBP should at least raise the traders awareness here and should perhaps offer a stark contrast for 2 dimensions and the possibility there maybe more.

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  • things are not always what they appear now are they ?

    or are they ? 

  • The first thing I do when you make a post is check the correlations to pairs that i trade or are looking at to see how this affects me.

    I use a tool our good friend Janos shared with me couple years ago

    The next thing i do is look at what my objectives are on my intraday trades and consider how best to take advantage of what you share with the world.

    Thank you for taking the time



  • Dear Split,

    Quite correct some things are never quite as they first appear and as we are all aware, Analysis is indeed the D.E.A.D.  P.R.O.C.E.S.S.

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissa

  • Dear Jim,

    Thanks for saying so and yes always good to see correlation. For me, tis always good to look at things like JBCB and what our good friends share because its very useful information. So well done that fellow Janos and well done for sharing too. Currently watching Support in a minor 3B off this frame.


  • Thank You for the link to that correlation tool.


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