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We are gunning down the Dollar and all other currency pairs which we come across.

Watch the Video or join the site to find out how to be quick on the draw and hit the Forex traders target with deadly accuracy.

Read more Forex Trading Tips from this post: There is only one true set of Forexmospherian Videos about Trading Forex, FX Strategy, Trade plan and the currency Markets in general. Regretfully to say, anything else is just piggy backing off the Forexmospherian name. Special Guest Star USDCHF, Trend, Swing Scalp | The Good, the Bad and the Ugly How to Trade Forex | How to Identify Chart Patterns | Identifying Support and Resistance | How to Identify Market Reversals | Technical Analysis | Scalping Techniques | Swing Trades | Trend Trading | Secret Forex Trading Tips | Forex Social Network | Free Forex | Free Alerts | No Copyright Infringement Intended: Spoof Video with Clips Taken from: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly movie film. Audio-visual content nor music sound track is not mine. Charts: Sir Gissachance



  • Re: "we are gunning down the Dollar"


  • Hi Sir Gissachance,

    Yes it would be extremely unfair on Forex brokers if Forexmospherians posted an alert to short USDCHF and a video about how to short it, 24 Hours in advance of the market shorting on 9th Jan and then send it immediately across to other social media sites like Facebook, Google plus and Twitter. Many thanks for doing it though and a Kraken trade 

  • Awesomeness in motion again, thanks for all of the alerts and pips, well done Sir Gissachance and I was in on this trade too.



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