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Published on YouTube Jun 11, 2015

Forex Videos, Forex Trading, Forex Educational, Live Forex Alerts This Weeks EUR/NOK Mapping and alerting the Forum in advance before EUR/NOK went Bull Market and the Trade was taken as shown in the video and can still be found in the original Live Forum post. Pages 11 and 12

"Currently EUR/NOK 1min is a H/S high with an INV low, last low was also an INV which takes the PA back into the affray, just above Median"



Daily = BULL

1 Hour = BULL NTZ

15 Min = BEAR NTZ

5 Min = BULL

1 Min = BULL"

EURNOK = 250 pip Long and hope it Helped Pixta.
Sir Gissa ....... Out  !!!!!!!!!!

EUR/NOK = 400 pip Long

Additional information 31 other Currency Pairs can be found following:
Video dedicated to Forex Traders, Friends and ForeXmospherians often referred to as the Good Guys in Life.
Forex Charts - Sir Gissachance
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