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Published on YouTube Dec 18, 2015

Forexmospherian | Time | The Hidden Forex Market Patterns - Revealed through Technical Analysis. 31 Currency Pairs - To Find Out More: How and where the Trade begins. Read minor TF through to the major.
Why Support and Resistance are so important. What are Chart Patterns.

Charts and Trading By Sir Gissachance (PPND)

Music : Strength Of A Thousand Men-Two Steps from Hell - Thomas Bergersen / Nick Phoenix
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The Video Cover Chart as below displays the live data translated and named from a 5 Second Chart as follows:

ASC = Ascending Triangle

MC = Minor Continue

NSC = Narrow Sideways Channel

RC = Rising Channel

H/S = Head and Shoulders

MC = Minor Continue

NSC = Narrow Sideways Channel

The Trade entry: An infinitely hot, small, dense point erupts. Creating Space, Time, Matter, our Universe itself. First its the size of a subatomic particle, the tiniest fraction of a second later, its big enough to hold in the palm of your hand, moments later, its the size of the Earth. So what will you do with that Trade now?

Additional Charts from the video are posted below along with the Live Data Translation in every time frame available.

T.I.M.E.  -  Data Translation and Perspective.

The Charts Below in Multiple Time frames display the Data from 5 Second Charts through to the Weekly