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Panaroma - Why Brexiters Voted to Leave - Britain Speaks - BBC

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These Condescending, Arrogant, Pompous,Posh, Remainers say we were too naive, too ill informed and of generally poor intelligence to have voted to Leave, rem...


  • Thank you for posting. I will watch tonight =)

  • Great ,  guy said when program begins  "this is our country now"  This sums up everything. Europe and the whole globalists occupied world owes  Britain big time for Brexit

  • Hi DT,

    I agree, a very interesting insight into the common people of Great Britain run by Brussels previously run by the British. Everything has a Lifecycle and enough is enough, as the Brexit votes take back control of their own Country, seeking to regain their identity and making future plans in a brand new world. The small island of Great Britain packing a powerful political punch straight into the faces of the European Union giants. The turnaround and running for the ships has not seen the like since the Romans disappeared from the British shores and sailed off into the sunset.

    A pioneering new beginning by the brave Brits while simultaneously taking all of the moral high ground against the establishment. Ah, the establishment; a dominant group or elite that holds power and authority over a nations people. Whether that be an unrealistic broken down system, designed and created by the Emperors tailor within a single trade market or whatever else maybe the Political case.

    The British have spoken decisively. We can see clearly the Emperors of the European Union have no new clothes and are completely exposed with bureaucratic dysfunctional policy and ideals! Common sense has now ruled the day, stamping an expiry date on the foreheads of all syphoning parasites as the Brits Trigger Article 50. Rebutting choking globalism now lights up the road ahead for all nations as the USA joins and swings around to this notion too, hoping to see many other nations climb on board with the new Global Trend.

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissachance

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