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My Trading Journal

My Trading Journal

Dear Traders,

 I decided to share my morning view of the market. My main goal is to make one trade a day and thus I will always notify everyone about the pair I am following and trading.

The rules of my entries are simple, when I see the market goes up and it is in a slight correction, I'm trying to jump in at the most favorable price.

 Best Regards,


PS: Hopefully you will enjoy this.

PPS: In the nearby future I will start to review my trades at the end of each day.

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Was trading few years, but did not have enough time until now.


  • Greetings, anyone looking for Sell on AUD_USD? Because I do!

  • Selling NZD_CAD anytime, when possible.

  • Hi Guys, my view tells me to Sell EUR_CHF. Good luck and have fun.

  • Does anybody watch EUR_GBP to Buy? Because I do and you should too (:

  • Hi Guys, my view tells me to Sell USD_CAD. Good luck and have fun.

  • Total pips lost:-25.0

    Until today the overall loss was: -25.0

  • Hi Salieri,

    Current M15 UCAD is 123 Bottom = bull, followed by a bull flag breakout = continue bull.

    Current M1 UCAD = Head and shoulders@ 1.3102 = resistance as the bears are in, however the bias is still bull so expect whipsaw and short term scalping for bears until patterns suggest differently.

    Trading plan = short term bears, or sit on hands and watch out for new bull patterns which if confirmed will re-line the M15.

    UCAD CBA = Negative, Negative, Negative.

    Sir Gissa ....... Out !!!!!!

  • Hi Salieri,

    you also were +25p during the day. So you got the direcion right. I'll follow your Journal and will see what your exits will be like=))

    And thank you Gissa for the view.

  • Hey Salieri, Daniel Stasziek and Sir Gissachance, cheers for the awesome post and the analysis, I will be watching closely and comparing this to my own USDCAD charts - Tokyo Joe

  • There is definitely some Sell pending on NZD_JPY currency pair.

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