Trading Rebate Program


GBPUSD Mission Impossible The Stakes get Higher !!!

Kraken CBA Neg and the Short #3T Package is still on that Plane.

Standby the FPA and EPR are encrypted 1 Min - O.1 Sec

1 Min = Neg = NSC + Asc Tri + MC + EPR

"Short GBPUSD when I tell you!"


5 Sec = Neg = NSC + NSC

0.1 Sec = Neg = 3T + MC + DC + DC


Experience The Impossible

Coming Soon to a Web Browser near you!

Sir Gissa ........ Out !!!!!!!!!!



Sir Gissachance (PPND)
Forex Trader and Senior Technical Analyst
Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, NZD, HKD, CHF, All.
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  • Thanks for these guidelines Sir G. Must study up

  • im actually laughing out loud. Thanks man for this post.

    Always timely

    Best Regards


  • Hi Jim,

    Good of you to say and only too happy to help out where I can  Smile.gif

    Sir Gissa  

  • Incoming Foreign Exchange Market Analysis Live for Day-Traders - GBPUSD

    Forexmospherian Currency Kraken CBA = Neg and the Package is still on the Plane

    5 Min = Neg  


    FPA CBA =  Neg

    FPA 1 Min = Neg


    FPA 5 Sec = Pos

    FPA 1 Sec = Neg

    FPA 0.1 Sec = Pos


    Sir Gissa ......... Out !!!!!!!!!!

  • Hopefully GBPUSD Kraken arrived in good T.I.M.E. and just maybe put another 270 Scalp Pips plus on the Table because the package is still on the Plane.

    Forexmospherian Particle Accelerator for any Pair 1 Min to 1/10th Second available upon written request.

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissa


  • GBPUSD Incoming Kraken = Neg

    FPA CBA =  Pos

    FPA 1 Min = Pos

    FPA 5 Sec = Neg

    FPA 1 Sec = Neg

    FPA 0.1 Sec = Neg (3T plus MC)

    Sir Gissa ........Out  !!!!!!!!!

  • GBPUSD Incoming FPA

    FPA CBA =  Pos

    FPA 1 Min = Pos

    FPA 5 Sec = Neg

    FPA 1 Sec = Neg

    FPA 0.1 Sec = Pos (3B plus MC)

    Sir Gissa ........Out  !!!!!!!!!



  • Is it though? i have five reasons which i ate twice that says otherwise?

  • Dear Major Magnum,

    I can see reflections are streaming through your mind and know you are utilizing E.Y.E.S. software young Forexmospherian. Great job and will get around to the Kraken along with FPA in good time too. Well done and glad you managed to read Forex: the sound of ...

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissa

  • Dear Major Magnum,

    Utilize E.Y.E.S  software on my last chart and what do you see now?

    Sir Gissa ....... Out  !!!!!!!!!!

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