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GBPUSD Mission Impossible The Stakes get Higher !!!

Kraken CBA Neg and the Short #3T Package is still on that Plane.

Standby the FPA and EPR are encrypted 1 Min - O.1 Sec

1 Min = Neg = NSC + Asc Tri + MC + EPR

"Short GBPUSD when I tell you!"

5 Sec = Neg = NSC + NSC

0.1 Sec = Neg = 3T + MC + DC + DC

Experience The Impossible

Coming Soon to a Web Browser near you!

Sir Gissa ........ Out !!!!!!!!!!

Sir Gissachance (PPND)
Forex Trader and Senior Technical Analyst
Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, NZD, HKD, CHF, All.
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    • very nice work

      currently a bit stalling in upward movement

  • As we know GBPUSD long was launched and confirmed on the break NSC. The stakes certainly do get higher as we hold 108 pips long. Eyes peeled on M15.

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissa

  • Hi Viktor,

    Good to see you about and hope trading is good. GBPUSD long package is still on that plane as we hold 184 pips long. Keep the home fires burning for the long and utilize ISSL. M1 is encrypted but took the perfect storm with last entry. E.Y.E.S. on M15.

    Sir Gissa ...... Out !!!!!!!

    Latest M1 Entry for GU as above so below. There's a tip in there somewhere!





  • M5 broke Symm Tri short and MC sighted = short.

    Synced TF = Current H1 Failed Bull Flag and Bear Market.

    Best regards,

    Sir Gissa  

  • GBPUSD Incoming Kraken

    Daily = Bear NTZ (Current Price Action = 123 Top plus Minor continue sighted)

    CBA = Pos NTZ

    FPA CBA =  Neg

    FPA 1 Min = Neg NTZ

    FPA 5 Sec = Pos

    FPA 1 Sec = Pos

    FPA 0.2 Sec = Pos

    Sir Gissa ........Out  !!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome Forex post Sir Gissachance and I am holding a 30 pip GBPUSD short with a 20 pip trail

  • The GBPUSD package is still on that plane with 1,390 pips short and hope the alerts arrived in the best of time.

    Sir Gissa ........ Out  !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pip perfect timing SG and harvested some massive pips on this forums alerts, cheers man. Tokyo Joe

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