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Tanks made of gold

So. A little homework never hurt anyone, just wish I had gotten around to looking last night. The Gold market is showing decline and a 700 pip drop sure woke me up today.I'm working on the chart that shows why I should have looked it up yesterday and why I'm going to hold for loss prevention until the end of the month. I'm looking at key dates in the next few months and my crystal ball (actually more a magic 8 ball So far) will hopefully yield fruit.Picture captures me looking at my shares after the 700 pip plunge!
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Hybrid Forex Scalping Journal

Hello Forexmospherians,

Creating a new separate blog for live trades.  Other members are most welcome to comment & participate.  Main goal here is to build a place for interactive trading.

Details about the Journal: 

This Journal is always inspired by Mr. FxCoalface & his SSS Intraday scalping method. It is hybrid because I added my own developed methods related to some Sacred Science & Modern Science along with basic chart patterns & trading methodology.

It's in development stage & improving so can not be always rocket solid. So please put patience with me. :) 

As its Scalping so timeframe used from Tick to Minute chart, occasionally bigger time frames to see the big pictures.

There are variety of custom made indicator used to track multiple pairs including Volatility Scanner, Strength Meter, News Scanner, S/R Levels, Trade manager to Linear Regression Lines with different trading platforms. 

I will post here some live trades & also some live/past charts analysis.

Also feel free to correct me if there is any mistake.



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AUDUSD | Forexmospherians Take the Trade

ForeXmospherians Taking the Trade in a volatile Market.

AUDUSD - Reviewing and in summary some of the Live action for this pair amongst many in Jim M blog A handful of Heresy JPY Crosses

Display of Trend, Swing, Intraday, scalping with a fully comprehensive mix of Time Frames, Live commentary and entries ranging from 1 Hour Analysis to the advanced 1/20th of a second, or perhaps more famously known as Blink Charts when Forexmospherians traded at FXstreet many years ago.

AUDUSD M30  3B plus Bull Flag plus EPR MC  = Bull in that frame

30 Second AUDUSD  currently Inv plus Desc Tri plus MC plus DC = Bull in that frame with R sighted @7482

identified in this chart attached, However and going smaller still the 5 second charts EPR's H/S near the  M.A.R.K. @7479

Far beyond a 5 Second chart the 1/20th of a Second Analysis- Long labelled below headed for the M.A.R.K

3B Dynamic Support Versus SymTri Resistance near the M.A.R.K

Breakout Either Direction causes the Bias and Bulls or Bears would show their hand.

SL set @ISSL

Dynamic Support Breached with MC and Entry

1 Hour Bulls have AU Still long but from 30 Min downwards its a sell story and conflict seen by whipsaw. Currently Standing down until resolved.

AUDUSD M30 3B plus Bull Flag plus MC plus EPR DC not confirmed = Bull NTZ in that frame

1 Hr Bulls Still have control.

Entry = IS with SL @ISSL

Holding AU long by about 18 pips and ready to let this one travel

AUDUSD M30 3B plus Bull Flag plus MC plus DC plus DC= Bull in that frame

1 Hr Bulls Still have control. M30 Chart attached along with the Data Translation and hold

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#USDCAD | Change is gonna come

Change certainly did come for USDCAD and a special thanks to the Traders here who helped with this 290 pip short.

1 Hour Time Frame: Head and Shoulders leading the way for a bear Market in USDCAD. Shortly followed by a Minor Continue after breaking horizontal support.

Another MC is sighted which took Price action into a Dynamic Support line which bounced the price back up to resistance in a dead cat bounce before continuing bear once more.

Daily Time Frame indicating a reversal and short market in play after the final high.

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Advanced charts on oanda holy cow

I was putzin around my chart packages I have ninja trader fxcm and oanda a couple dif ones online   Oanda advanced charting new feature

OMG HAS FIB SPIRAL  besides gann box and square HAS FIB channel and tons more 

I know that you have oanda G but if anyone else does you need to look

on regular chart icon next to trendline pops up advanced charting window

I am so excited about this geo patterns too !!!time cycle!!! 100 icons...Oh well maybe not a big deal but

to me is especially compare function smooth easy

anyway take a look if you have oanda

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Scalping | LR Structure Intraday


In this blog, I will mostly share past chart performance with LR structure (inspired by Mr. FxCoalFace). Main objective of this blog pick intraday scalping signal with LR structure. I am not saying it will be 100% successful. Its for my own research & understanding. If I made any mistake please do correct me.

All right, lets go..

Currently its early morning, Asian pairs are strong.  Below its AUDUSD chart.

Took this last trade on standard account. Done for this hour.

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GBPUSD Mission Impossible The Stakes get Higher !!!

Kraken CBA Neg and the Short #3T Package is still on that Plane.

Standby the FPA and EPR are encrypted 1 Min - O.1 Sec

1 Min = Neg = NSC + Asc Tri + MC + EPR

"Short GBPUSD when I tell you!"

5 Sec = Neg = NSC + NSC

0.1 Sec = Neg = 3T + MC + DC + DC

Experience The Impossible

Coming Soon to a Web Browser near you!

Sir Gissa ........ Out !!!!!!!!!!

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Forexmospherians | USDCAD | Dark S.T.A.R.

Forexmospherians | USDCAD | Dark S.T.A.R.

Video is Dedicated To Everyone here at

Some brief moments in T.I.M.E. as USDCAD was a Dark S.T.A.R. and continued its journey under the Market radar but stayed in Focus of the Forexmospherian Light.

Hope you enjoy the video journey.

Best Regards,

Sir Gissa

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EURAUD 100 Pip Long Hold.

ForeXmospherian Currency Kraken was requested for this pair in another location and then published in advance and hopefully helped in good T.I.M.E.

Currency Kraken Status for EA in the minor is as follows:

5 Sec = Pos

1 Sec = Pos

1/10th Sec = Neg EPR H/S

JBCB and CB Prints:

CBA = Pos

Daily = Bull

1 Hour = Bull

15 Min =  Bull

5 Min = Bull

1 Min = Bull

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