90% of Traders Lose Money... So how to be in the Top 10%? (Thats it)

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If you want more Forex trading tips and tricks then Forexmospherians.com is an excellent place to start.
90% of traders lose money...So how to be in the top 10%? Francis Hunt a technical analysis trader and coach comments. What are the bad habits to avoid? What are some trading mistakes to avoid? Is trading forex, indices and commodities a giant casino? Decide on a strategy that looks after all elements of money management. You've got to manage losses and you need to have a system that will make more money than it loses. Patterns are probably the most important technical analysis tool for me.


  • Chart Patterns and Dow Theory, excellent idea and definitely worth thinking about for any forex trader and so is the quality backlink!

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  • heh, I've started writing new Foreign Exchange trading blog yesterday, Dow Theory is right in the first paragraph. Coincidence?...

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  • Great Video Holmes and love the chart patterns and Dow Theory Daniel. Thanks for sharing with the community and looking forwards to seeing more.

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissachance

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