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EURUSD M60 = Short

The two trades = Currently Holding 122 pips plus 54 pips short

I took the first short on a minor frame and had to let it breathe

The second was today as things were not improving for EURUSD and patterns remained down with no surprise spikes or retracement, so held the short again.

A special Thank you to Pixta, Viktor, Daniel Stasziek, Johnradical, DT, Holmes, Splithand, Forexmospherian and many more for sharing the Market Analysis.

2017-03-30_19-40 Using Support and Resistance as well as Chart Patterns, seek the Truth and Trade behind the Enemy Lines.


  • Great work gissa
  • Almighty Gissa.

  • Thanks but, Hey guys, you are the almighty ones, I'm only Sir Gissa :0)
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Forex Market analysis relies on two types of analysis much like Stock Markets: Technical Forex Market Analysis views the data on a chart and considers that the News and Data is built into the Price already (economic, political, social, sentimental and psychological). Various tools and indicators will be used by technical traders, for instance MACD, Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages and more.
Fundamental Forex Market Analysis also uses indicators, for instance reports, Gross Domestic Production (GDP), Retail sales, Consumer spending, Industrial Production, Consumer Price Index, Commodities, Economic Calendars, Balance of Trade levels which could identify Trends between other Nations and more.

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