EURAUD M1 Ascending Triangle


EURAUD M1 Ascending Triangle Breakout Trade Long

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  • 100.gif Er Guys, oh nevermind ... 64.gif

  • 64.gif 19 for me, cheers Sir Gissachance

  • Sir Gissachance sharing the pips with forexmospherians. (video below)

  • Hahahaha very funny Daniel Stasziek but true all the same, why was it Forexstreet, IRCforex and Trade2win banned him? oh yes those forums dont actually like live traders sharing factual market analysis, live alerts and trading tips 24.gif

  • I wonder if any of those forex forums? wrote that live call down because they will only say that it never happened. Not that anyone here is bothered because we are too busy counting the dough, again 64.gif

    Well said Forexmospherian, those internet liars. 76.gif

    Excellent video clip Daniel Stasziek and quite correct, Sir Gissachance would make those traders at SFS 150K in 30 minutes with these kind of alerts but now he is exclusively here. 


  • I just got the memo Fxmosphere 3.gif

    Hi Sir Gissachance, this was another extraordinary alert with "er Guys, oh nevermind" as an opener, so is there anyway you could post a blog with some forex market technical analysis for EURAUD with regards specifically to this trade and share, here or in private if you could? I appreciate your material is all over the internet and much of it deleted, unauthorised or edited but all the same could you post for the "Good Guys in Life". 25.gif


  • I got that memo too! Holmes you always get straight to the point! 113.gif



  • Good Evening Traders,

    Very funny video Daniel Stasziek and love the gags about those other Forums, ah the good old days of haters, still there is no cure for stupid as they well know 3.gif and yes Holmes I will send an EURAUD blog shortly and hope it helps as I am hold the long trade. Glad you captured the pips profit guys and thats what it is all about.

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissachance

This reply was deleted.

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