McDonald's faces 25 accusations of sexual harassment
Husband 'lost' after NYPD wife allegedly tried to kill him
Alabama station refuses to air 'Arthur' same-sex wedding
Parent in 'Varsity Blues' scandal makes public apology
RV driver leads police on high-speed chase
Homeless valedictorian earns $3 million in scholarships
Impeachment pressure grows, ‘Arthur’ gay marriage controversy, DNA test makes man a millionaire
McDonald's hit with complaints and lawsuits for gender-based discrimination
How 'All in the Family' and 'The Jeffersons' changed TV
O'Rourke: We should begin impeachment proceedings
Washington Post obtains confidential draft IRS legal memo about Trump's taxes
Cooper draws stark comparison between Trump and Nixon

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Forex speculators all around the world are participating in the movements of Trillions of Dollars within the Foreign Exchange Markets. Forex Traders monitor the news, inflation reports, central bank talks, NFP, FOMC, Trade Balance, CPI, Retail Sales and political events.

The news is therefore constantly measured to gauge the market sensitivity. A nations Government actions for inflation along with other news can impact upon an economy and other nations economies. Geo-Political news such as war, natural disasters, internal or external political unrest, stock market reports as well as major referendums or elections.

Some of these events and their affects upon the Markets can be seen in the BREXIT referendum in Europe along with the latest fallout from the High Courts as well as the current Trump versus Clinton election campaign in the USA.

The News has the ability to increase volatility whether short or long term. Various nations economic news can affect the markets but the biggest market movers come from watching the most viewed news and that being from the USA. The United States of America has the largest economy in the world. The USD is the worlds reserve currency. Therefore the United States Dollar participates in circa 90% and all Foreign Exchange transactions making USA news and data invaluable to watch.



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