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Afghanistan asks for aid after earthquake kills more than 1,000 people
PMQs Unwrapped: Who came out on top?
How a U.S. Container Ship Crew Lived, Worked Through China’s Lockdown | WSJ
Prof: Polio virus is 'a cause for concern'
RMT says government has 'scuppered talks' and strikes 'remain on'
The Daily Climate Show: UN warning of mass child deaths in Somaliland
Plastic waste engulfs beach in Central America
Couple who kept slaves in Bristol are jailed for a total of 25 years
National incident declared after polio detected in London sewage
Watch live: Prime Minister Boris Johnson squares off with Labour's Sir Keir Starmer
PMQs: Sir Keir Starmer tells Boris Johnson to "do his job and get the trains running"
PMQs: 'The UK economy is lagging behind', says SNP leader Ian Blackford

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