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EUR / USD can rise more

As shown by the money organizers at UOB Group, there is still space for the EUR/USD to test the 1.2200 level multi week from now.

Key Comments:

24 hour see: "The EUR/USD made another high of 1.2177 last Friday (high of 1.2175 on Thursday) before offering way to deal with close to some degree bring down at 1.2120 (- 0.16%). While the overall move from the high is seen as a component of a more broad blend stage, the weakened principal tone proposes there is space for EUR/USD to go down to 1.2090. In

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Current Market and the key Forex word is Patience


Like everything in life, patience delivers some of the most important things and in the trading world it really helps with timing. Timing makes the greatest difference for entry and exit points, even if you know the right direction of the market, when you enter too early, waiting for right direction and growing a negative trade, the equity can influence your mind and force you to exit just before market turns in your favor.

Anyway, my market analysis is the current EURUSD direction for the time

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Possible double pattern emerging on the weekly, which considering where we are at in the Brexit negotiations it makes sense.


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1494684?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Evening fellow ForeXmosphere friends,

Hope you are all well and enjoyed the great Forex price moves of post FOMC week.

I've been rather busy the last couple weeks, reviewing the paradigm in which I view and trade Fx market. Many thanks to Sir Gissachance , much inspired by him, I now have a new framework that gives me greater clarity of market bias.

On my journey, along the various paths, I collected many nuts, like a diligent squirrel. Here is one of the good ones that I'd love to share with

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Cable railroads 2019


A quick look at my dynamic support and resistance railroad lines as well as my moving averages.

As you can see price action is ranging upwards in this dynamic rising channel so we will need a small timeframe to analyse for entries here.

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Financial Markets Laws - in Everyday Charting

It has been a while since my last blog, not sure if I can still write some thoughts down on a paper, so let's try=))


During our trading journey, we often wonder how the market behaves on the price charts. Every one of us employ different methods and views so he can trade his edge comfortably. Some of which can be the market harmonics or market geometry trading... One law stated by very well-known Alan Hall Andrews says that the market reaches the median line in 80% of time (hopefully I remembe

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Is Trading Written in the ForeXmos S.T.A.R.'s ?

Originally Posted 5th March 2013 at 1130 Hrs and one of many Forexmospherian posts banned by our old friends back in the day.

As requested, this Foreign Exchange post has been brought back to the Blogsmosphere and is now dedicated once again to all dear friends and fellow Traders and Forexmospherians who came with us from Forexstreet and for others who have joined in from other Forums. Hopefully the Forex charts and descriptions help everyones'

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Bitcoin And Its Crossroad

BTC/USD is currently testing its 2 months lows. There are as always, three possibilities. Either it will go up, down or sideways. For now, let's think about the two, up and down.

Boucing off and holding important level of $6,000 seems like we can hold it for longer. Important to note that this level has also been refused several times. Should therefore be the HODLERs happy with the current situtation? No. The trend is still pointing down and if we can break the $6,000 level, it will get worse an

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Technical Analysis EURUSD GBPUSD AUDUSD | Now we are Free (but we always have been)

5 time frames are analysed for each pair and the bias is then posted. If the market bias is still being upheld despite a move against the bias, then it will still be regarded as bull or bear respectively. This is because Price action rises and falls in any given time frame and market. When price action reaches a state of neutral in the original bias it is possible that the bias can be regained or broken entirely

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