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        • And IM out of shorts ... not at 30 but at 52 :((( A lot of room to get better in trading 

          • Need to follow the plan and to try to fix it within best conditions and extremes ...  Im not a scalper unfortunately. 

  • Problem for bears that we are clearly in corective wave with eurbulls trying to buyout every dip... Fed second hike was widely priced in... Looks like we can see some upside then ? 

  • I better go and open a bottle of red or white. Tommorow will be next show under ECB coordination. Back to my forest anyway to feed mosquitos.

    • even in forrest you cant get away from forex :)) that is dedication :)

      • I found an old fishing base ))) and they have double side internet... ping is more than 1000 ms, even higher sometimes but you can work with orders in any case and I will try to catch some pips with this market bullish model 

        • I do not think we can go too much before the announcement, but than some dip can occur till 1.1784 were is broken triangle trendline which can be tested first than Dragi with his press conference will add a lot of gasoline in the fire of volatility... I show some bullsih setup on chart as pa is very bullish last days so we follow the lines...

          • The central stage in this model now 1.1731 support... everything above that lvl is bullish. Around 1.1891-1.1903 it is time to fade this move imho

            • if it occurs for sure ... )))

  • On the other hand if Draghi sing a song - World hold on... we will face some fresh bulls steaks tonight

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