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  • Regarding intraday shorts already fill the tgt they wanna see yesterday and today morning... it is limbo now for traders 

  • Also we need to mention one very interesting fact regarding US sactions against Russian biggest alu giant Rusal. Most problems shud come not for Rusal that can switch to China, but for ... guess who? yes ... Germany

    The main stumbling block for Europe is the alu plant Aughinish, located under the Irish city of Limerick and playing a central role in the global supply chain. Here comes bauxite from Guinea, and here it is processed into raw materials for the production of aluminum, which is then sold to metall plants in Europe.

    • Aughinish belong to Rusal group...

  • WirtschaftsVereinigung Metalle ... the concern of the Germans is clear

    • There is an interesting point that we must think about... does 1.2222 is so much important as it was before for bulls? Think out of the box untill vol is low :)))

    • So... seems traders will choose 

      - if bullish on eur ag usd to buy at 1.2190-96 lvl with tgts 1.2254/1.2303/1.2477 (s/l under 1.2162)

      - if bearish sell at spikes till 1.2254 lvls (tight stop) and already under 1.2162 (after it breaks down and close under)

      Something like that? Any comments pls :)))

  • We have SuperMario ahead with market long eur against usd... Banks analytics trying to say us that 1.21 is the bottom even if we see dovish outcome and much more bullish if we see some hawkish. Imho 1.2173-1.2162 is the lvl where we can find a huge s/l superclaster. Hard to say for sure untill we will get there. :))) Can we? Atm lb 45 - 1.2190 is defended well with luck of news today there is not so many chances to break lower. 

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