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  • simple support!?

    • Simple target... :) Was simple tgt...

  • 14192453?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    • Here is my view on cbl atm... Everyone keen to touch 1.4357 followed by 1.4659. 1.4003 my pp with main support of this structure around 1.3781. Untill it holds everyone wud be looking to the north pole rather than other side.

  • Regarding this story about 3 hikes or 4 hikes and followed selloff usd after imho is a trap.

    This year we can see that fx do not follow debt mkt. This fact had a few reasons but it can not last forever.

    Just remember that we have eur record net longs this days and I do not like when everyone run on one side of the boat...

    Just in case - we do not have any hikes in EU still and talks that it wud be may be or may be not are just talks...

    US are hiking, not talking.  

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    • What I read last days people looking to see lvls 1.21643 & 1.2089 as monolith supports so we can expect stops under this lvls. More reasonable to look at 1.2036 and 1.1913 (last one as first main support followed by 1.1579). Also we must take in mind that everyone long and this is speculative position mainly. Bulls wanna see move over 1.2553 to touch 1.27/1.32 ... tgt depends on personal greediness mainly. Does market ready already to do that? Frankly I do not know may be yes, but mb not yet. 

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    • clearly that bulls need to overcome 90.30/90.93 to dream about something more...

      support 89.45... so have fun :)))

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