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Daniel Stasziek

#nzdusd followup post Rate decision

Mind the gap

I hope this finds you well.

I see scope for further gains to 1st fib ext target 7250 however If it makes it that far after or during CNY data I am mindful of the gap which resides at indicated retracement level of greater range. A dream would be rush to 7250 fall back and retracement after midnight when mumbai comes on and then continue to second target 161.8 once London comes about. Baah however be just as glad of filling the gap first and then continue

That is a lot of movement for nzdusd in one day much less one night and in Asia

Notes to self

Stay nimble

go with the river

roll stops often 

focus on keeping what has been gained


8 range bar charts and zoomed out daily

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Jim M
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  • Thanks Jim and as usual following your charts closely

  • Cheers Holmes

    Man wouldnt a gap bounce be Lovely at the line (of note) and 50% retrace

    with audusd coming to THE level maybe

    Could we be that lucky?

    Naah likely audusd bounce at 7400 and this pair same 7085

    might not have the firepower China taiwan others out today

    EYES on

    updated fibs put 50% at gap number

  • at the mark  EYES  on

  • Finally all the way to the mark

    in decision zone all night long pairs

  • Tallyho?

  • updated daily chart

  • 8 range bar chart (price only) yellow dots psar

  • Hey Jim if you're about, we got bear market across most NZD pairs and in most timeframes i.e. long term, mid and intraday trading. Holmes

  • Excellent call Holmes and thanks for sharing this short the market alert.

  • Cheers Holmes and thanks for the heads up, I took tonnage on these NZD pairs

This reply was deleted.

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