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 Share your Market Analysis with the community but try to avoid just simply posting a Chart, link or video and saying this is great. Explain what makes it great or how this was useful. Sometimes the Market Analysis is crystal clear to experienced traders but they will remain a mystery to anyone not seeing what you know. So say what you enjoyed about it or describe why you made that Trade, came to that Market Analysis or set of results. 

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  • Victor hint us that we miss shoulder. Interesting setup in main currency pair. According to ew theory we can face last five wave before interst rate cycle can bring eur on the knees ))) What is also true that this last fifth wave a rarely appear when everyone looking for it. So December hike? and technically triple top against ew... what is also point to think that ew can easily change counts... Watch 1.168 lvl on daily close??? 1.1282 looks more sexy for longs but this is deeply imho 

    • EURUSDH4_06102017.png?width=721

    • Still room to get to that sexy long :)
      • ;)

  • Nice post and comments about Elliot Wave Theory Pixta. Great charts to follow with multiple levels of dynamic support and resistance. So its also fair enough to say: When the Line goes up, we long it. When the line goes down, we short it.

    • Thks S.G. :)))

    • I miss your walk with me awile posts ...Smile.gif

  • EURUSDH4_27102017.png?width=721

    • Clear that bulls shud stop any attacks on 1.1615 and try to close over 1.1663 first and 1.1680 second. In other case it cud be falling knives. Still nice rumble ahead... be cool enjoy your trading plan 

    • btw friday and day/week close

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