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Daniel Stasziek

usdcad (7)

USDCAD | Daily Market Technical Analysis


Current UCAD Trade 838 Pips Short

USDCAD Basic Chart Patterns, Line Patterns, Support and Resistance, SMA and what they mean to the Technical Trader.

UCAD Daily Chart Patterns

Head and Shoulders sighted = Bear

Rising Channel Sighted = Non Trading Zone for Bears

Channel Break short = Bear Market

Current Pattern shaping for Deep Continue = Bear Market

May 2017 Price Line Analysis:

123 Top = Market Reversal = Bear Market

Minor Bear Flag break = Bear Market = Continue

Minor Continue brea

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#USDCAD | Change is gonna come


Change certainly did come for USDCAD and a special thanks to the Traders here who helped with this 290 pip short.

1 Hour Time Frame: Head and Shoulders leading the way for a bear Market in USDCAD. Shortly followed by a Minor Continue after breaking horizontal support.

Another MC is sighted which took Price action into a Dynamic Support line which bounced the price back up to resistance in a dead cat bounce before continuing bear once more.

Daily Time Frame indicating a reversal and short ma

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USDCAD 7,960 Pip Long


Walk with me awhile

Technical Analysis | Mist Covered Mountains

As Above So Below

לחפש ואתם מוצאים ומקווים התראות הגיעו לטוב ביותר של זמן





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USDCAD Invert versus Head and Shoulders versus 2B

(Market Bull vs Bear vs Bull)

EPR identified Invert followed by Head and Shoulders 13th July 2014


EPR  HS with initial stop loss at ISSL


EPR identified Support and 2B

1494882?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024EPR identified neck line s/r with head end and base end as below. Stop loss at 3 pips in front of break even.

1494936?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024EPR identified break followed by breach of minor neck line and long trade activated.

Supporting information was previously uploaded live to "Is Trading Written

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