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Daniel Stasziek

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Bitcoin And Its Crossroad

BTC/USD is currently testing its 2 months lows. There are as always, three possibilities. Either it will go up, down or sideways. For now, let's think about the two, up and down.

Boucing off and holding important level of $6,000 seems like we can hold it for longer. Important to note that this level has also been refused several times. Should therefore be the HODLERs happy with the current situtation? No. The trend is still pointing down and if we can break the $6,000 level, it will get worse and leveraged people shorting this market at BitMEX, Kraken and other exchanges allowing either short or short-sell will definitely decimate your long positions.

Needless to say, this level is not just Bitcoin crossroad, it is a crossroad for all altcoins as their returns against fiat currencies are highly correlated to what happens on this lovely BTC/USD pair.


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Forex Trade EURHKD 6,200 Pip Long

Technical Analysis of the Foreign Exchange Currency Pair EURHKD before going Long the market 6,200 pips.

Hopefully a few managed to wrap the 1200 pips from yesterdays alert Forex Trade EURHKD 5,000 Pip Long and got involved with this pair by at least scalping it old school.

To recap just in case this one was over looked and never made it through your Orbit out there in the Forexmosphere :…

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GBPAUD | Foreign Exchange Markets

GBPAUD Technical Market Analysis:

Main Trend broke the downtrend to begin a bull market.

Currently held at support and resistance which is identified on the Forex chart above.

Smaller timeframes required to day trade or scalp.

Looking for a break of s/r. Will keep a close eye for either direction breakout. 

It is possible that a great swing trade maybe setting up. These tend to be the stronger signal for position trades for a conservative trader and larger pip profits involved.

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Synchronicity in philosophy is regarded as experiencing two or more events that are causally unrelated but are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner. It was first described by Carl Jung in the 1920s. There are various definitions and interpretations of the theory and in places opposed or dismissed but as usual it is best to let the reader decide if and when the theory is applicable or not, naturally based upon their own experiences and lines of thought.

For me at least, Synchronicity does occur if a person was to learn to look for it and directly linking to Forex, the specifics and the importance of targeting this in Price action pattern trading for the Foreign Exchange Markets is a given, i.e A reversal followed by another reversal and a…

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EURUSD Forex Chart Patterns Long

Forex Technical Analysis with Chart Patterns, Support and Resistance, Multiple Time Frame Analysis.

EURUSD Daily and M15 Foreign Exchange Charts

EURUSD break long Daily Rising Wedge Pattern - Support 123b 1.0400, plus support 123b plus support 123b, soon after patterns for flat line = NSC in minor TF and breaks long again. Looking for scalp entry long in the minor frames and found through horizontal resistance on daily along with M15 entry pattern.

Current PA breaks the Daily wedge to indicate long.


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GBP-JPY Forex Chart Patterns Long

Forex Technical Analysis with Chart Patterns, Support and Resistance, Multiple Time Frame Analysis

GBPJPY break long 1 Hour Channel - Support INV, MC plus MC PLUS DC and support from 139.00 entry on the bounce. Soon After Pattern Ascending Triangle breaks Long again and considered as Long continue.

Patterned for potential Bull Horns at resistance, Support found off previous resistance for Ascending Triangle.

Breach Bull horns = Continue Long

Current hold 300 pips long.

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Forexmospherians Set Fire to the Rain

Foreign Exchange Markets Technical Analysis, Support Breached with the Trend, Entry and Hold. Stop Loss at ISSL. Target set to Normal Settings.

Best regards,

Sir Gissachance (PPND)

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GBPAUD watched it Burn

Foreign Exchange Markets Trend Trading GBPAUD through Technical Analysis.

3 Hour Dynamic Support and Horizontal Resistance identified. EPR trading the break out. Dynamic Support Breaches and the short trade is on. Minor Frame Entry. Scalped Short and held another Short trade in the direction of the trend. Stop Loss…

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This was my Last comment on that well known negative Forum for failures, haters and dissers.

It seems that I have been able for nearly 30 months to "fool" or "Mislead" many so called "experienced knowledgable FX Traders".

From day 1 in late October 2013 I was told I was a joke and that I could not be a so called real FX trader on a live Account.

From then on the members who thought they were smart kept trying to catch me out - on anything possible - with the main intention of getting me banned

Mainly they basically said - everything I do cannot work - ie you cannot blog and intraday trade - you cannot work off tight stops of 3 to 5 pips - you cannot be consistent 95% of the time - ie making money not just monthly but weekly and most of the time - EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My method was ridiculed - even by a moderator - he's also a multi nic - he did not like to think my method might be better than his…

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Master Number 11

Hello Traders,

It is bit off topic but has as a connection with W.D.Gann. 

It is my observation, Take any number & divide that number with 11. If you get fraction, that fraction part will be always the 9.

Say 200/11 = 18.181818

Take fraction part 1+8 = 9

7800/11 = 709.090909, Again 0+9 = 9

7/11 = 0.636363, Again 6+3 = 9

600/11 = 54.545454, 5+4 = 9

856/11 = 77.818181...8+1=9

Also if you reverse the process & divide any number with 9, you will see that fraction part is coming in following way,

48/9 = 5.333.. Here fraction part is divisible with 11.

200/9 = 22.2222...etc 

According to Gann & also in general sense, 7,9,11 these are master numbers.

W.D Gann talked about it many times.


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Hey Traders,

Here are some thoughts on Forex currency pair USDJPY using technical analysis on a daily chart. Sometimes as regular traders we post charts and take it for granted that other chartist can understand the post and no descriptions are necessary. Today though, I am taking some time here like Forexmospherians used to do when posting at Forexstreet, to explain to anyone who is new at reading price action and I hope it helps.

200 Moving Average (MA) is already breached meaning we are on the bear side of the market and as such we can regard it as a bear market all the time the price action is this side of the line.

Prior to that we saw the market in a bull bias, forming a continue pattern before entering the sideways channel.

The channel has a double top which could potentially mean we are preparing for a market reversal.…

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