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 Share your Market Analysis with the community but try to avoid just simply posting a Chart, link or video and saying this is great. Explain what makes it great or how this was useful. Sometimes the Market Analysis is crystal clear to experienced traders but they will remain a mystery to anyone not seeing what you know. So say what you enjoyed about it or describe why you made that Trade, came to that Market Analysis or set of results. 

Daniel Stasziek

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Technical Analysis EURUSD GBPUSD AUDUSD | Now we are Free (but we always have been)

5 time frames are analysed for each pair and the bias is then posted. If the market bias is still being upheld despite a move against the bias, then it will still be regarded as bull or bear…

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Now Don't You Chase those Pips, No, Just Relax and Let The Pips Come to You - By Sir Gissachance

Well thats the title as above but will double up as the motto for this forex blog and trading strategy so below. So taking a walk through this trade and talking about the EURAUD long, with 147 pips on the table and holding the trade taken last night. Initially setting the trap by watching this pair recoil almost like a market snake after…

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Bad Moon Rising

I see a bad Trade moon a-rising
I see Forex trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightnin'
I see bad Trading times of today

Don't go and Enter 'round tonight
It's bound to take your Stop Loss
There's a bad Trade moon on the rise

I hear hurricanes a-blowing
I know the Exit is coming soon

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Forex Trade EURHKD 6,200 Pip Long

Technical Analysis of the Foreign Exchange Currency Pair EURHKD before going Long the market 6,200 pips.

Hopefully a few managed to wrap the 1200 pips from yesterdays alert Forex Trade EURHKD 5,000 Pip Long and got involved with this pair by at least scalping it old school.

To recap just in case this one was over looked and never made it through your Orbit out there in the Forexmosphere :…

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Forex Trade EURHKD 5,000 Pip Long

Technical Analysis of the Foreign Exchange Currency Pair EURHKD before going Long the market 5,000 pips.

I was watching this pair in a rising wedge chart pattern with a Bear bias but the actual price was positive because Bulls had the bottom with support.

Forexmospherian Currency Kraken had CBA ( Crystal Ball Analysis up to and greater than…

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EURCZK Daily Forex Technical Analysis


The Basic Forex Technical Analysis:

Narrow Sideways Channel and entry strategy thinking along the lines that the market will eventually breakout.

Channel Breaks = Bear Market

Price Action held under 200 MA = Bear

Declining Channel Identified

Current Price Action at Horizontal Support.

NB and some Forex tips for the note book:

The Daily is the Driver. 

The Market Breaking out of the channel will have an anticipated target of the length of the original channel formed before breaking out.

50% Retracement Rule will tend apply to this strategy and pattern.

Mid time frame to correlate to the daily. M15 and below for entry/exit.

Follow the Trading Rules set out…

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GBPAUD | Foreign Exchange Markets

GBPAUD Technical Market Analysis:

Main Trend broke the downtrend to begin a bull market.

Currently held at support and resistance which is identified on the Forex chart above.

Smaller timeframes required to day trade or scalp.

Looking for a break of s/r. Will keep a close eye for either direction breakout. 

It is possible that a great swing trade maybe setting up. These tend to be the stronger signal for position trades for a conservative trader and larger pip profits involved.

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The Amazing Sir Gissachance and Forexmospherians Traders

The spectacular, the incredible and the extraordinary Crystal Ball Analysis from the amazing Sir Gissachance as posted in

CLICK HERE FOR: Trading and the Wisdom of the Crowd

Amongst several other currency pairs correctly forecast and too many to mention here, a brief look at what we already know from alerts on USDCAD

  • October 13, 2015 at 10:13pm this post displayed the last red and negative USDCAD, thereafter alerts went to amber negative Non trading zone for bears.
  • November 16, 2015 at 9:57pm Green positive Bull…
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GBPUSD | Forex Markets

Weekly GBPUSD Sitting on support. I love these set ups and an opportunistic moment when main support or resistance is approached. I Will be watching the smaller frames to take trades off this Forex currency pair and might even get a great swing trade with the downtrend here. Always best to zoom in on timeframes for entries, direction and well place stops because trade management and Money Management is key.

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Changes. 13 days becomes 13 doubles

I going to be changing this up in here over the next few days. I am also wanting to change the name to 13 doubles. My intent is to post stuff that I want to share but like to keep semi-private . My own little bailiwick where i can post active trades and trading ideas while interacting with people that are interested in remaining private.…

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NZD/USD Trade Forexmospherians

  • The dollar traded unchanged or lower against its G10 counterparts during the European morning Thursday. It was lower against NZD, JPY, CAD, AUD and NOK, in that order, while it remained stable against GBP, EUR, CHF and SEK.
  • Germany’s economy contracted more than expected while France’s stagnated, missing estimates of moderate growth. This will most likely force the French government to cut their growth forecasts as it is very difficult to reach their current target of +1.0% GDP growth. The below-estimate data coming from the euro-area’s largest economies dragged the Eurozone’s preliminary growth down to a flat reading in Q2 from +0.2% qoq in Q1. The miss was widely expected after the earlier soft German and French data, but EUR did not weaken, probably due to the relief that the bloc did not record a contraction in Q2.
  • Taking into account that the tit-for-tat sanctions with Russia have yet to be seen in the data, we believe that growth in Q3 is likely…
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Since that bottom in 2008, IBM’s stock price has ranged from $ 70 to $ 215, with a current price of $ 190.  Here is a company with no trend line growth in revenues, a debt to equity ratio that has gone from 49% to 61% selling at 8 times book value and where common stock outstanding has declined by 27% over this period.  IBM is doing exactly what so many of these big titans of industry are doing today. They are using a tax loop hole which effectively lowers their tax liability by borrowing money at excessively cheap rates and leveraging their balance sheets to buy back stock at elevated prices to make the earnings per share look good.  This is a nice little trick but very short sighted.  It does elevate the stock price so company executives get their annual bonuses but corporate balance sheets are just another area where debt levels remain excessive and growing.  This latest trend offers a partial explanation for the longest uninterrupted cyclical…

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EUR/USD in a consolidative mode

  • EUR/USD moved in a consolidative mode on Monday, remaining slightly above the psychological zone of 1.3500 (S1). Bearing in mind that we can identify positive divergence between the RSI and the price action, and that the MACD lies above its trigger line and is still pointing up, I would expect a rebound, maybe for another test near the 1.3580 (R2) zone. On the daily chart, I see a possible hammer candle, increasing the likelihood for an upside corrective wave. Nonetheless, I would keep a neutral stance as far as the overall trend of the pair is concerned. The rate is trading below the blue downtrend line, but we need to see if the sellers are strong enough to overcome the 1.3500-1.3475 zone before expecting larger bearish extensions in the future.
  • Support: 1.3500 (S1), 1.3475 (S2), 1.3400 (S3)
  • Resistance: 1.3 580 (R1), 1.3650 (R2),…
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