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 Share your Market Analysis with the community but try to avoid just simply posting a Chart, link or video and saying this is great. Explain what makes it great or how this was useful. Sometimes the Market Analysis is crystal clear to experienced traders but they will remain a mystery to anyone not seeing what you know. So say what you enjoyed about it or describe why you made that Trade, came to that Market Analysis or set of results. 

Daniel Stasziek

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1498215?profile=RESIZE_1024x10241498232?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Current GBPUSD 4,800 pip Short

You have found the Forexmospherians and so the Question is: "What are you going to do now?"

Videos, Blog posts, photos and alerts are all available throughout this Forex Forum and so feel free to check the history GBPUSD and how I traded this pair and shared the analysis and Alerts.

Seek The Truth - Seek The Kraken

71 Forex Pairs and the Analysis is freely available here for every Time Frame and Beyond.

The following is Live Forex Technical Analysis for GBPU

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Intraday Trading with Forex Traders

Walk Off Home Run

Another busy week for Intraday and Trend Traders here with plenty of opportunities in the markets.

Well done to everyone for posting and sharing timely FX Analysis, charts, posts, alerts, market interpretation along with some great off topic posts.

Some of the best Walk off Home runs ever seen at a Forex Forum, Amazing!


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EURUSD - Forex Journey through SpaceTime

Food for thought in this video and in mapping the Foreign Exchange markets and just maybe puts Forex Trading into perspective.

Read the EURUSD Weekly, Daily and 30 Minute FX Charts along with some Early Pattern Recognition highlighted to help any Forex Trader regardless of level and Experience.

Worth watching the video in full screen to get the full picture.

Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance (PPND)




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Special thanks and praise to the site Tech Guys at

We have some really great site Tech guys here and in the main I think we know who they are, so special thanks and praise sent for all of the coding work and features they put forward and implement. However, also worth mentioning and praising the help and support given from some more of our friends at NC. We currently have two very special guests and super Stars helping on our site, busy sharing their ideas and expertise, ge

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Forex Trader USD CHF Walk with me awhile

Forex Trader USD CHF Walk with me awhile

Two separate entries long USD/CHF with a journey through multiple time frames.

The second long trade is 140 pips and currently held.

This video describes all of the above and I hope you find it useful.

Thank you all for taking the time to "Walk with me awhile"

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1 Hr GBP/USD with data translation to 1 min TF.

A close up of the markets through Multiple TF 

GU 1Hr TF Bear market


GU 15min Bear Market

1494985?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024GU 5 min TF Bear Market

1495020?profile=RESIZE_1024x10245min Channel Break = Bear Market in this case.

1495075?profile=RESIZE_1024x10241min Data Printing Bears identified at the mark 1.7060

1495137?profile=RESIZE_1024x10241min Data Translation = Bear market until Bull Support Identified at the mark DB




Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance (PPND)

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GBPAUD Current Forex Market Analysis and EPR

Technical Analysis and Six Major Chart Patterns and Price Action with the components identified in these Charts.

Always remember that Chart Patterns can evolve so keep an Eye on them.


Desc Tri = Rev

Counter = Rev

3 B = Rev

Counter Trend Channel Break = Rev

H/S = Rev




Hope as above so below helps


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AUDJPY M5 | Forex Technical Analysis

AUDJPY M5 Time Frame Technical Analysis - Four Basic Features and Patterns Identified

Head and shoulders at the top of the chart, horizontal resistance signals bears are in the market and have control of direction.

The market then ranges as bulls and bears battle it out but the Price action becomes constricted and compressed in to a symmetrical triangle. Soon breached and indicating the bears still have control.

3B = 123 Bottom and is the reversal as bulls take the direction, albeit just temp

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GBPJPY - Hold Trade 11,000 Pips plus

GBPJPY - Held Over 11,000 Pips

A recap of GBPJPY taken over the Months, Weeks and days with some positions held. Scalps were also taken along with additional position trades. Using JBCB analysis, Multiframes, Chart patterns, Mapping, EPR, S/R levels, ISL and ISSL. The initial opening positions were shared at another forum. However, through technical difficulties, said forum accidentally lost all of the charts and posts but luckily managed to keep the originals and now post here.

Currently hold

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GBPUSD Long Hold

GBPUSD Long- Hold Over 2,000 Pips

 A brief recap of GU over the last few days and some trades taken. Using JBCB analysis, Chart patterns, Mapping, EPR, S/R levels, ISL set and trailing using ISSL.

Currently holding 2,000 plus pips open.



3B continues with Bull Flag


Channel Break plus Bull Flag Break


Sup sighted minor continue built


Sighted R breached


Continue confirmed


1min Ascend Tri and continue confirmed


15min confirmation R breached further and EPR sighted support

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