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Daniel Stasziek

audjpy (6)


AUDJPY shorted this Forex currency pair twice @85.27 on 31st April and @83.56 6th April and holding.

Strategy to trade with the H1 Market Trend. Sell on break of swing.

Market Analysis is most Aussie pairs are in a down trend and holding both trades at 305 pips and 134 pips.

Thanks to Sir Gissachance who gave the heads up to short Aussie pairs in his last video. Anyone who pays attention to the detail in these secret Forex coded videos will know what to look for once studied.

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AU and AY were happily shorting as usual but along came a bump in the ground which decided to have other ideas. In actual fact, said AU, AY and the bump were all obeying Isaac Newton's laws of physics which clearly defines that "a body in motion tends to stay in motion until it goes bump, into something?" or in words to that effect.

However, I am not exactly sure what they bumped into but also reading through another set of rules, we find this was against the Forex Rules of Engagement for a T

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170 pips - AUD-JPY - Versus the Speed of ForeXmospherian Light

AUD/JPY was in a Bear trend and found support off a DB and reversed in this frame. The downwards channel broke and entry taken from the forth minor continue as mapped. In this case the continue was a Bull Flag. Currently holding 170 pips and looking for an exit with trail set at ISSL. Hope the below helps.


Best Regards,

Sir Gissa

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2/3 Jm Dreams in Asia EURJPY GBPJPY and others

What an awesome week so far. Made up for a blow out Superbowl. I managed to get in on yesterdays rout well into the new york session, thanks to the super bowl losing my interest. Mostly because of the fine fellows at forexmosphere.

Tip of the hat to our friend Pixta for giving all a heads up on the GBPJPY Rundown 

For the main pairs that I trade a typical pattern for this time during the week is a high on or near the time marking vertical green line, then a fall into and towards the yellow ver

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