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Daniel Stasziek

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Dollar S.T.A.R.'s  are Lighting up the Skies Tonight.

Have a Great Weekend Forexmospherians and Traders.


Forex Technical Analysis of the Daily USDJPY

Utilizing chart patterns and the support and resistance they offer to Price Action traders.

Sometimes the markets are tough to read, well actually most of the time they are tough to read but setting aside that for a moment. It worth noting that when a traders has a focus on their own forex market analysis then it is worth following it throu

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GBPJPY Trading the British kamikaze.


Starting from 9-15 I initially had a swing reversion trade in mind from a 1hr head and shoulders pattern, the pattern followed through but was very short lived and I was forced to change bias very quickly. I know some of you can change opinion on a pair with the flip of a switch based on data. I have on the other hand had a difficult time changing bias quickly and efficiently, its a skill i have been working on and in my opinion is critical to learn so you have pure data parameters to prove if

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USDCHF 1 Minute |Forex Blue Pill or the Red Pill

USD/CHF 1min and snap shot view of perhaps how the minds E.Y.E. could translate the True Matrix of market data by thinking out of the box.


The Q.U.E.S.T.I.O.N. should perhaps be "Do you take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill, do you go long.... or do you go short?

The Market is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay

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GBPJPY - 80 Pip Long Trade- Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Gissaman



Technical Analysis using Support and resistance with a few patterns identified.

On the 1 Hour chart:

2B = 123 Bottom = Bull Market

Bull Flag break out = Bull Market

5 Second Chart @1450 Hrs:

123 Top = Bear Market

Minor Continues to short and a major continue to short.

The current 5 Second is a 123B plus bull flag = Bull market.




Best Regards,

Sir Gissachance (PPND)

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"You know, there are these peculiar faculties of the psyche, that it is not entirely confined to space and time, now these facts show that the psyche in part at least, is not dependent upon these confinements, and then what, when the psyche is not under that obligation to live in time and space alone, and obviously it does not and that means a practicable continuation of a Trading life and cycle, of a sort of idyllic existence, beyond time and space. Only ignorance deny these facts. You see the

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A brief pictorial description of this Forex trade with current UCAD attached.  Additional info and D.A.T.A. printed in JBCB and written in places like "Within the Enemy L.i.n.e.s." with the updates to boot.

In essence, news, data, sentiment and the wisdom of the crowd have patterned the Forex Price Action here. The Forex Market data needs interpreting by the Forex Trader utilizing whatever method and trade style is suitable for the individual. Below is a snap shot of my interpretat

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AUD/JPY with two recent entries and current hold at 55 pips plus 15 pips long. Tracking off the 1 Hour time frame and looking to hold.

Current Tick Data and early pattern recognition or EPR of Bears at the mark as they try to hold back the bulls. Symmetrical triangle starts to build the resistance level as another attempt at that range is pushed back.

No Ambushing of the Trend


EPR Sym at the mark



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USD/CHF "Walk with me awhile longer"

1495207?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Early Pattern Recognition = EPR = Minor 2B plus Bull flag plus break of Resistance = Long Entry, Trailing ISSL

UCHF 40 pip long and onwards, looking forwards to the Great Adventures in Life.

Best Regards,

Sir Gissa

USD/CHF "Walk with me awhile"

USD/CHF versus the Speed of ForeXmospherian Light

EU Walk with me awhile

EPR = Minor Inverted Head and Shoulders which actually hides a 123b within Tick Data


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New Photo Section

New Photo Section with indexed tabs installed to allow members easy referencing of specific items whether recently uploaded or archived material.

Adding to Photo Section.

Click on the "Plus" button sign on the right hand side of Photo page to add more photo's then follow the prompts provided for the next stage.

When upload is completed some additional information can be entered into the field provided or left empty.

The field Photo "Tags" allows information to be entered or left empty.
A drop d

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EUR/GBP Price Action Trading and Technical Analysis. Patterns identified and the PA making waves and slowly drifting away.

Current hold 340 pips Ttl Short with 3 open pos.

Relative TF and ISSL

Bears 1Hr mark H/S = 7984 vs Bulls 3B entry = 7920 currently all hold.

Incoming 1HR JBCB = Bull

30 min Enemy Lines = Bull

5min = Pos NTZ

5min JBCB = Bull


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Hunt the EURUSD Forex Hare


EUR - USD   Hunt the Hare And Turn Her Down The Rocky Road.

A note on Market Analysis because I have an eye on the Techs and an ear listening out for the News. 

Forex Market analysis relies on two types of analysis much like Stock Markets:

Technical Forex Market Analysis views the data on a chart and considers that the News and Data is built into the Price already (economic, political, social, sentimental and psychological). Various tools and indicators will be used by technical traders, fo

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